Doctor of Philosophy in Dance

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

90 semester credit hours, including master’s degree credits, research tools, and 12 semester credit hours for dissertation.

Work leading to the Ph.D. in Dance requires the completion of at least 90 graduate semester credit hours beyond the bachelor's degree. It is possible to transfer up to 36 credit hours from work leading to the master's degree or graduate courses taken at another accredited institution. Please note that any transfer hours not part of a completed master's degree are subject to the Graduate School's 10-year time limit. Hours that are part of a completed master's degree are not subject to the 10-year time limit and may be used toward the 90 hours required for the doctoral degree. In consultation with the Advisory Committee, a student may elect to take graduate courses at another institution and transfer those hours to TWU.

Doctor of Philosophy in Dance Program of Study (90 semester credit hours)

The required course work listed below includes 12 semester credit hours of research tools. The total required semester credit hours for coursework is 54 with 12 optional semester credit hours of Individual Studies, assuming 36 hours of master's level course work.

Summer 1Semester Credit Hours
DNCE 6113 (Choreographies of Writing)Seminar3
DNCE 6113 (Epistemology of the Body)Seminar3
DNCE 6113 (Movement Analysis, Description, and Theory Generation) (Research Tool)Seminar3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Fall 1
DNCE 6113 (Scholarly Inquiry) (Research Tool)Seminar3
DNCE 6113 (Current Trends in Dance Education and Research)Seminar3
DNCE 6913 (Directed Reading or Individual Project) (Optional)Independent Study3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Spring 1
DNCE 6113 (Cultural Approaches to Dance Studies)Seminar3
DNCE 6213Current Issues in Historical Inquiry in Dance3
DNCE 6913 (Directed Reading or Individual Project) (Optional)Independent Study3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Summer 2
DNCE 6113 (Scholarly Writing and Presentation of Research)Seminar3
DNCE 6323Philosophical Inquiry in Dance3
 Semester Credit Hours6
Fall 2
DNCE 6113 (Theorizing Performance)Seminar3
DNCE 6113 (Research Methodologies) (Research Tool)Seminar3
DNCE 6913 (Directed Reading or Individual Project) (Optional)Independent Study3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Spring 2
DNCE 6023 (Data Analysis and Theory Development) (Research Tool))Critical Analysis of Professional Literature3
DNCE 6913 (Research Project) (Optional)Independent Study3
DNCE 6913 (Directed Reading—Preparation for Qualifying Exams)Independent Study3
 Semester Credit Hours9
Summer 3
DNCE 6023 (Research Colloquium)Critical Analysis of Professional Literature3
 Semester Credit Hours3
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 54

Research Tools

The following required courses fulfill the research tool requirement (12 Semester Credit Hours):

DNCE 6113Seminar (Movement Analysis, Description and Theory Generation)3
DNCE 6113Seminar (Scholarly Inquiry in Dance)3
DNCE 6113Seminar (Research Methodologies)3
DNCE 6023Critical Analysis of Professional Literature (Theory Analysis and Theory Development Research)3

Residence Requirement

The low-residential format requires three summer intensives and week-long residencies in the Fall and Spring semesters during the two-years of coursework. Low-residential students must be continually enrolled, follow the prescribed sequence of courses, and attend all on-campus residencies. Full-time, in-residence students meet the same residency requirements. Refer to the Department of Dance doctoral program webpage for the dates of summer intensives and residencies.

Qualifying Examination

A written and oral examination will be taken covering areas selected by the candidate in consultation with the Advisory Committee. The content, format, administration, and evaluation of the examination will be the responsibility of the Committee. The Qualifying Examination may be repeated once. Students are expected to take their qualifying examinations within one calendar year of completing the coursework.

Final Examination

An oral defense of the dissertation is required. The defense may be repeated once.

Special Requirements for the Doctoral Program

Students must successfully complete core required courses in sequence. A grade of ‘C’ in a required core course will result in dismissal from the Ph.D. program.

Scheduled According to Student’s Individual Research Progress

DNCE 6983Dissertation (Repeated twice for credit) (Dissertation Prospectus)3
DNCE 6993Dissertation (Repeated twice for credit) (Formal Dissertation)3