Master of Arts in Drama

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

42 semester credit hours, including 6 semester credit hours for culminating creative projects.

Special Requirements

  1. Continuation in the program is contingent upon successful completion of the qualifying creative project or thesis proposal (Project I).
  2. Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better in all courses applied to the graduate degree. A grade of ‘C’ or below in any drama course will not count toward the Master of Arts degree.
  3. No student may begin project work without prior approval of the student’s Graduate Committee. Students with limited experience in drama may be asked to take some undergraduate courses as prerequisites for graduate courses.

Final Examination

An oral examination by the student's committee of the culminating creative projects will be given the assesment of one of the following: 1) approval, 2) disapproval or 3)revise. If either the qualifying or final project is not approved, the student’s graduate committee may advise

  1. completion of an additional project in the same focus area,
  2. a switch in focus areas and completion of a new qualifying and final project, or
  3. additional course work before any further project work is attempted. A student may attempt Project I or Project II no more than two times each with special permission from the drama faculty.

Master of Arts in Drama Program of Study (42 semester credit hours)

Required Courses (22 SCH)
DRAM 5433Contemporary Theatre3
DRAM 5473Dramatic Criticism and Play Analysis3
DRAM 5483Theatre History I3
DRAM 5493Theatre History II3
DRAM 5521Theatre in Performance (take 4 times for a total of four credit hours)4
DRAM 5913Independent Study (Project I)3
DRAM 5973Professional Paper (Project II)3
Electives (20 SCH)
The remaining 20 semester credit hours are electives offered by the Drama Program and taken after advisement with the program advisor. Select 20 semester credit hours from the following:20
Problems in Production (Advanced Directing)
Problems in Production (Characterization)
Styles of Acting
Theatre Management
Advanced Theatrical Design (Scenery)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Costumes)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Make-Up)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Lighting)
Speech for the Stage
Special Topics (Stage Management)
Special Topics (Sound for the Theatre)
Special Topics (History of Musical Theatre)
Special Topics (History of Costume)
Special Topics (Playwriting)
Special Topics (Intro to Film)
Total Semester Credit Hours42