Online-Hybrid Master of Arts in Drama

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The TWU Master of Arts in Drama online-hybrid program is designed for that special group of Texas residents who for financial and/or personal reasons must continue to work while they earn college credit.

At least 51% of the total institutional degree is offered by distance learning methods. Some courses are presented in traditional, face-to-face, evening sessions. Other courses combine a few class meetings (4-6) per semester with regular on-line communication. Still other courses are completely on-line and while others are administered through independent study with a Drama program faculty member. When courses are offered as hybrid classes, they will require 1-4 campus meetings per class.

Classes are offered in Redbud Theater on the TWU Denton campus and on-line. The TWU Master of Arts degree plan requires 42 semester credit hours for successful completion. The core courses below are mandated; all others are electives.

Online-Hybrid Master of Arts in Drama Program of Study (42 semester credit hours)

Requirements (22 SCH)
DRAM 5433Contemporary Theatre (offered online)3
DRAM 5473Dramatic Criticism and Play Analysis (offered online)3
DRAM 5483Theatre History I (offered online)3
DRAM 5493Theatre History II (offerd online)3
DRAM 5521Theatre in Performance (taken 4 times for a total of four credit hours)4
DRAM 5913Independent Study (Project I offered online)3
DRAM 5973Professional Paper (Project II offered online)3
Electives (20 SCH)
Select 20 semester credit hours from the following:20
Problems in Production (Advanced Directing)
Problems in Production (Characterization)
Styles of Acting
Theatre Management (offered as an online-hybrid)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Scenery)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Costumes)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Make-Up)
Advanced Theatrical Design (Lighting)
Speech for the Stage
Special Topics (Stage Management)
Special Topics (Sound for the Theatre)
Special Topics (History of Musical Theatre)
Special Topics (History of Costume, offered online)
Special Topics (Playwriting, offered online)
Special Topics (Intro to Film, offered online)
Total Semester Credit Hours42