Dual Degree: M.A. in Music (Emphasis in Music Therapy)/M.S. in Counseling and Development

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TWU offers graduate music therapy students the alternative to complete a dual degree program. This program grants both the Master of Arts in Music (with an emphasis in Music Therapy) and the Master of Science in Counseling and Development. No student will be granted the dual degrees until she/he is eligible for the board certification exam in music therapy (i.e., the student must have completed the equivalency program including internship or already have completed an approved undergraduate degree in music therapy).

Students pursuing the dual degree option will have two advisors – one in the Department of Music and Drama and another in the Department of Family Sciences – to assure proper sequencing of courses.

Dual Degree Plan: Master of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Music Therapy and Master of Science in Counseling and Development (64 semester credit hours)

Music Core (12 SCH)
MU 5933Styles in Music3
MU 5643Research on Music and Behavior3
MU 5973Professional Paper3
MU 5403Music Theory Pedagogy3
or MU 5903 Special Topics
(must be MU 5903 ST: Analytical Techniques)
Music Therapy Area (10 SCH)
MU 5533Philosophies and Theories of Music Therapy3
MU 5543Multicultural Perspectives in Music Therapy3
FS 5894Internship in Counseling (joint internship in music therapy and counseling with joint supervision by MU and FS faculty)4
Counseling Area (42 SCH)
FS 5003Lifespan Human Development3
FS 5303Professional Orientation and Ethics in Counseling3
FS 5313Counseling Theory and Practice3
FS 5323Psychological Appraisal of the Individual3
FS 5353Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Counselors3
FS 5363Prepracticum3
FS 5364Practicum in Counseling and Development4
FS 5373Group Counseling Procedures3
FS 5443Multicultural Counseling3
FS 5453Counseling for Career Development3
FS 5493Community Mental Health Counseling3
FS 5894Internship in Counseling4
FS 5911Independent Study (Counseling and Development Portfolio)1
Counseling Elective3
Total Semester Credit Hours64

Testing for drugs, specific immunizations in addition to those required by TWU, proof of personal medical insurance, and/or passing a criminal background check may be required by certain facilities associated with the required clinical work or for certification/licensure. If students are unable to be cleared on any of these requirements, they may not be eligible to continue in the program or to become certified/licensed. The cost of any required background checks, immunizations, and/or drug testing are the responsibility of the student.

Certification as a Music Therapist (MT-BC) is achieved by passing a national examination administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Students completing the dual degree program must be eligible for board certification in music therapy prior to the awarding of the dual degree. Eligibility for board certification as a music therapist is achieved EITHER by completing an undergraduate degree in music therapy prior to admission to the dual degree program OR by completing an undergraduate equivalency program in music therapy concurrently with the dual master’s degree curriculum. Completion of the undergraduate equivalency or an undergraduate degree in music therapy does not guarantee eligibility to take the board certification exam. Questions regarding specific criminal background and its possible effects on eligibility for board certification should be addressed directly to the Certification Board for Music Therapists.

Licensure as a Professional Counselor is achieved by passing a state examination, after completion of coursework and the required supervised clinical work (3000 semester credit hours). Questions regarding eligibility for licensure as a counselor should be addressed to the advisor in the Department of Family Sciences or directly to the Texas State Board of Examiners of Professional Counselors.

Special Note #1

The following courses must be completed prior to enrolling in the Counseling Clinical Competency Sequence:

FS 5303Professional Orientation and Ethics in Counseling (Fall 4 weekends)3
FS 5313Counseling Theory and Practice3
FS 5443Multicultural Counseling3

Special Note #2

FS 5373 Group Counseling must be taken concurrently with FS 5364.

Special Note #3

Professional competency courses must be taken at TWU in the Department of Family Sciences. The student must take these courses in sequence and earn a grade of “CR” in each course to advance in the sequence. Any student receiving a “PR” in one of these courses must retake the course before progressing in the sequence. Students receiving 1(one) “PR” in a professional competency course must meet with the Counseling and Development faculty before registering for additional courses. Students receiving a “C” in any course must meet with the Counseling and Development faculty before registering for any additional classes. No two professional competency courses can be taken at the same time. Two grades of “C” or “PR” will result in dismissal from the Counseling and Development program.

Students wanting to register for the professional competency courses (Pre-practicum, Group Counseling, and Practicum) need to fill out an application for admission for each restricted enrollment course. Students will be informed by letter when they are admitted to the class. Applications for restricted enrollment courses need to be completed one semester prior to enrollment. There is an October 15th deadline for application submission for the spring semester, a February 15th deadline for summer, and an April 1st deadline for the fall semester. The application forms are available on the forms rack outside the Family Sciences office.

Special Note #4:

Students who wish to work in Substance Abuse/Chemical Dependency Facilities should consider taking FS 5143 in addition to this 64 semester credit hour curriculum. The substance abuse course may be taken as the counseling elective in the 64 semester credit hour program.

Special Note #5:

Students taking the equivalency program in music therapy while completing the dual degree in counseling and music therapy must complete their music therapy undergraduate internship before beginning the graduate practicum/internship sequence in counseling. Exceptions may be made on an individual basis, but in no case can a student complete the joint internship in Counseling/MT (the 2nd semester of FS 5894) prior to completing the undergraduate MT internship, as per AMTA requirements.

Refer to the TWU Graduate Catalog for further explanation of policy and procedures.

Required for Graduation with Dual Degree:

Eligibility to take the CBMT Board Certification Examination in Music Therapy 64 Semester Credit Hour Dual Master’s Degree Program

Required for Licensure as LPC:

LPC Examination and Postgraduate Experience (3000 hours)