Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting

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Semester Credit Hours Required

18 semester credit hours.


While a student pursuing this program does not need to have completed an undergraduate degree in Accounting, it is expected that the following TWU courses (or their equivalent) will have been satisfactorily completed prior to enrollment in the graduate Accounting courses required in this program:  BUS 2043, BUS 2053, BUS 3023, BUS 3043, BUS 3063, BUS 4163, and BUS 4423

Post-Baccalaureate Certificate in Accounting Program of Study

A student may take the courses in any sequence, except for BUS 5493 which serves as the Capstone course in this certificate program.  A student must satisfactorily complete at least four of the other courses prior to enrollment in BUS 5493.

Required Courses
BUS 5423Auditing3
BUS 5473Financial Statement Analysis3
BUS 5483Accounting for Management Control3
BUS 5903Special Topics (Accounting Ethics)3
BUS 5903Special Topics (Accounting Regulations)3
BUS 5493Accounting Theory (taken in last semester of enrollment)3
Total Semester Credit Hours18