Grade Requirements

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No course with a grade below ‘B’ is accepted toward a doctoral degree at the University.

The doctoral student is expected to maintain a cumulative grade point average of at least ‘B’. When a student’s cumulative grade point average on graduate-level work falls below ‘B’ during any one semester or full summer session of twelve weeks, or when a student receives a single grade of ‘D’, ‘F’, or ‘WF’, the student is placed on academic probation and notified of this status. Should a student receive two failing grades ('F' or 'WF') within a single semester, the student will be dismissed immediately without a probation semester.  Earning a grade of ‘D’, ‘F’, ‘WF’, or failure to restore the cumulative GPA to 3.00 or above during the next enrollment results in dismissal from the Graduate School. The grade record at the Texas Woman’s University cannot be improved by attendance at another university. Students who have been suspended may reapply to the TWU Graduate School when 10 years have elapsed after the suspension.

If a doctoral student earns grades below ‘B’ in program courses, continuation in the degree program is reviewed by the student’s advisory committee. A student is not allowed to continue in the doctoral program if there are two failing grades (‘F’ or ‘WF’) in the doctoral program.