Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology

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Admission Requirements

Please see the admissions section of this catalog for university admission requirements.  In addition to those general requirements, the Speech-Language Pathology Program requires the following (visit the Communication Sciences and Disorders website for details):

  1. A one-page personal letter of intent describing the applicant's professional aspirations
  2. Three letters of recommendation from professionals familiar with the applicant's academic and/or professional work
  3. The Department Information Form (available on the department website for on-campus applicants and in the information packet for TETN applicants)
  4. Graduate Record Examination (GRE) scores (no minimum score required; applicants should have a competitive score)

In addition, applicants for the TETN venue must attend an Information Meeting prior to applying and submit additional materials with their application that are provided in these Information Meetings. More information is available on the department's website .

Applicants must have a GPA of 3.0 or better on their last 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate work OR on their last 60 semester credit hours of undergraduate work plus any post baccalaureate or graduate semester credit hours. The Graduate School requires a minimum GPA of 3.0 on all graduate coursework.

Before beginning the graduate SLP program, students must also have completed:

  1. An undergraduate degree in Communication Sciences and Disorders or Speech-Language Pathology or pre-master's leveling courses
  2. 25 hours of university directed observation (can be earned at TWU after acceptance to the SLP program through COMS 4303)
  3. One class in each of the following:
  • biological science
  • physical science
  • social/behavioral science
  • statistics

Speech-Language Pathology Program Requirements for a Master’s Degree

  1. A minimum of 43 academic semester credit hours plus six successful semesters (18 semester credit hours) of clinical practicum (including opportunities in TWU clinics ) are required for those seeking a graduate degree in Speech-Language Pathology. Those individuals seeking a degree with an undergraduate major other than Communication Sciences may be required to take additional semester credit hours.
  2. All students must successfully complete a Comprehensive Exam for degree completion and graduation.

Speech-Language Pathology Program Retention Requirements

Students receiving a grade of ‘C’ or lower in one graduate course must retake the course in order to successfully complete the master’s program. Students must not receive more than one ‘C’ (or lower) in graduate coursework. Students receiving two ‘C’ grades or lower, in the same or different courses/practica, will be dismissed from the program. Students must also maintain professional and academic integrity at all times and must abide by the university, college, and department codes of ethics/conduct and policies and procedures while in the program.

Master of Science in Speech-Language Pathology Program of Study (61 semester credit hours)

Required Academic Courses (41 SCH)
COMS 5003Research in Communication Sciences3
COMS 5011Ethics and Clinical Procedures1
COMS 5052Fundamentals of Communication Disorders2
COMS 5211Counseling and Professional Communication1
COMS 5232Language Disorders in Preschool Children2
COMS 5322Augmentative Communication2
COMS 5333Assessment and Diagnosis of Communication Disorders3
COMS 5353Adult Dysphagia3
COMS 5452Pediatric Dysphagia2
COMS 5483Neuronal Pathways of Communication3
COMS 5523Speech and Hearing Science3
COMS 5542Fluency Disorders2
COMS 5553Speech Sound Disorders3
COMS 5583Seminar in Neurological Disorders3
COMS 5603Language Disorders in School-Age Children3
COMS 5722Voice and Resonance Disorders2
COMS 5793Aural Habilitation and Advanced Speech Disorders3
Required Clinical Practicum (18 SCH)
COMS 5413Advanced Clinical Practicum II (to be taken 6 times)18
Electives (2 SCH)
Select 2 semester credit hours from the following:2
Multicultural Issues and Mentoring
Advanced Language Disorders
Advanced Neurological Disorders
Total Semester Credit Hours61