Dual Degree: Master of Library Science and Master of Science in Health Studies

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

54 semester credit hours consisting of:

  • 21 semester credit hours of Library Science courses
  • 24 semester credit hours of Health Studies courses
  • 9 semester credit hours of Dual Degree courses

Residence Requirement

Attendance at a minimum of one HS online orientation during the first year in the program.

Prerequisites or Co-requisites

A bachelor’s degree in the field of health education/health promotion or related field.

Final Examination

Health Studies: A written comprehensive core project on the core coursework is required. The project will be included as a portion of HS 5383. Final Project passing grade will be a minimum of 80%. The course may be repeated once if the minimum passing grade is not achieved.

Library Science: The SLIS Final Exam comprises submission of a professional portfolio, to be reviewed by the Final Exam Committee.

Dual Degree: Master of Science in Health Studies and Master of Library Science Program of Study (54 semester credit hours)

Required Library Science Courses (21 SCH)
LS 5083Foundations of Library and Information Studies3
LS 5013Information Organization and Retrieval3
LS 5043Information and Communication Technology3
LS 5003Collection Development3
LS 5363Health Sciences Information Services Management3
LS 5473Health Reference Services and Resources3
LS 5483Consumer Health Information Resources3
Required Health Studies Course (24 SCH)
HS 5413Current Issues in Health Studies3
HS 5353Epidemiology3
HS 6443Foundations of Health Science3
HS 5423Ethnic and Cultural Factors in Health Decisions3
HS 6453Strategies in Health Education Delivery3
HS 5383Program Development and Coordination3
HS 5013Data Collection and Analysis3
HS Elective (speak with advisor)3
Dual Degree Requirements (9 SCH)
Graduate Level Statistics Course3
HS 5023Methods in Health Education Research3
LS 5843Practicum3
Total Semester Credit Hours54