Master of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Music Education

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

36 semester credit hours

Special requirement

A grade of ‘A’ or ‘B’ for courses to be counted toward the degree.

Final Examination

An oral examination of approximately two hours in length will cover a comprehensive review of the major area of emphasis, the culminating project, and general music literacy. The result of this examination will be given

  1. approval;
  2. qualified disapproval, resulting in reworking of research with another oral examination (exam may only be repeated once); or
  3. disapproval.

Master of Arts in Music with an Emphasis In Music Education Program of Study (36 semester credit hours)

Major Area (12 SCH)
MU 5413Music Education Assessment and Evaluation3
MU 5423Music Education Research3
MU 5653Seminar in Music Education I3
MU 5663Seminar in Music Education II3
Other Studies in Music (12 SCH)
MU 5933Styles in Music3
MU 5403Music Theory Pedagogy3
or MU 5903 Special Topics
(Must be MU 5903 ST: Analytical Techniques)
Thesis or Professional Paper Options. Select one of the following options:6
Professional Paper Option
Professional Paper
Music Electives (3 credits)
OR Thesis Option
Electives (12 SCH)
Not specified. Select 12 semester credit hours.12
Total Semester Credit Hours36