Satisfactory Academic Progress Requirements

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Federal regulations require financial aid applicants to make satisfactory academic progress toward their degree or certification in order to qualify for financial aid. Applicants are evaluated each semester and must meet certain minimum academic standards relating to cumulative grade point average and the number of semester credit hours attempted and completed.

Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average

The chart below indicates the minimum grade point average requirements based on semester credit hours attempted.

Total Semester Credit Hours AttemptedMinimum Cumulative Grade Point Average
30 or more undergraduate semester credit hours2.0

Minimum Semester Credit Hours of Completion

The following chart indicates the minimum semester credit hours per semester that must be successfully completed based on semester credit hours attempted for the semester:

Undergraduate Students Enrolling inMust successfully complete
12 or more9
6-11 semester credit hours6
1-5 semester credit hoursall semester credit hours attempted

Grades of F, I, W, WP, X, ##, WF do not represent successful completion.

Maximum Attempted Semester Credit Hours

Satisfactory Academic Progress requirements also limit the number of semester credit hours that a student can attempt or earn toward each degree and continue to receive financial aid. The semester credit hour limits indicated below include semester credit hours transferred from other colleges and all semester credit hours attempted and/or earned at TWU whether or not the student received financial assistance for the semester credit hours.

Degree Maximum Semester Credit Hours of Eligibility
First Bachelor's Degree186 semester credit hours
Exception: Occupational Therapy Bachelor's
276 semester credit hours
Second Bachelor's Degree93 additional semester credit hours

If an applicant’s curriculum requires more course work than the allowable maximum, a letter from the department chair specifying the total semester credit hours required may be submitted to the Office of Student Financial Aid for re-evaluation.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Appeals

Students with mitigating circumstances such as divorce of a parent or spouse, death of an immediate family member, or severe medical problems may appeal their status to the Director of Student Financial Aid. Written documentation is required for an appeal. Additional requirements are listed in individual program descriptions in this document.