Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (6-12 Composite Certification)

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

120 semester credit hours.


58 semester credit hours.


20 semester credit hours.

General Description

The Family and Consumer Sciences (FCS) major is a broad program which includes preparation in general University requirements and in specific subject matter areas of family and consumer sciences including family life, child development, food and nutrition, housing and household equipment, management, fashion and textiles, and consumer sciences. Successful completion of this major leads to certification to teach Family and Consumer Sciences in the secondary schools, grades 6-12.

Admission to the Teacher Education Program is required before professional education classes can be taken. For additional information, see the College of Professional Education section in this catalog.

All undergraduate students seeking initial Texas teacher certification through Texas Woman’s University must complete the Education Minor. Students not seeking FCS teacher certification should select a new major area of study.

Bachelor of Science in Family and Consumer Sciences (6-12 Composite Certification) Program of Study

First Year
FallSemester Credit Hours
UNIV 1231Learning Frameworks: The First Year Experience1
ENG 1013Composition I3
HIST 1013History of the United States, 1492-18653
MATH 1013Financial and Quantitative Literacy3
Creative Arts Core3
FT 1013Principles and Techniques of Design Construction3
 Semester Credit Hours17
Wellness/Mathematics CAO Core2
FS 1001 (Recommend to take 1st or 2nd semester.)Seminar in Family Sciences1
ENG 1023Composition II3
HIST 1023History of the United States, 1865 to the Present3
Social/Behavioral Science Core3
NFS 1302
  & NFS 1301 (& Lab)
Food Preparation Principles
   and Food Preparation Principles Laboratory
CSCI 3002Advanced Computing Technology2
 Semester Credit Hours17
Second Year
WS 2013 (GP)Gender and Social Change: An Introduction to Multicultural-Women's Studies3
Language, Philosophy, and Culture Core3
GOV 2013U.S. National Government3
Life/Physical Science Core3
FS 3513Childhood and Adolescence3
 Semester Credit Hours15
GOV 2023Texas Government3
Life/Physical Science Core3
NFS 2343Nutritional Management for the Family And Child3
FS 3633Older Persons and the Family3
FS 3713Family Housing3
FS 3723Field Experience in Family and Consumer Sciences Occupations3
 Semester Credit Hours18
Third Year
FS 4103 or 4803Issues and Trends in Family Sciences3
FS 4233Applied Design for Home and Family3
FS 4523Family Development3
FS 4543Developmental Sexuality3
FS 4603Occupational Issues in Family Sciences3
 Semester Credit Hours15
EDSP 4203Learners with Exceptionalities3
EDUC 2003Schools and Society3
FS 4583Parenting Issues and Education3
FS 4713 or 4733Family Economics3
READ 3013Literacy and Learning across the Curriculum3
 Semester Credit Hours15
Fourth Year
FS 4703Methods of Teaching in Family And Consumer Sciences3
FS 4773Family Resource Management3
EDUC 3003Learning Theory and Development3
EDUC 3482Teaching Diverse Learners Through Technology Integration2
EDUC 4113Design and Implementation of Instruction and Assessment3
EDUC 4243Classroom Environment and Management3
 Semester Credit Hours17
EDUC 4106Student Teaching: Family and Consumer Sciences6
 Semester Credit Hours6
 Total Semester Credit Hours: 120

(GP) courses satisfy global perspectives graduation requirement.

Requirements for Certification:

1.  Admission to Teacher Education requires:

  • GPA 2.75 (minimum)
  • TASP/THEA (R = 260; M = 240; W = 240) OR Accuplacer (R = 80; M = 65; W-Sentence = 82; W-Essay = 6)
  • TExES - Pedagogy & Professional Responsibility (160) and AAFCS - Texas Teacher Certification Version – Family & Consumer Sciences (FCS - 200) – Composite Examination
  • Demonstration of Oral Communication Proficiency

2.  Teacher certification candidates must pass a basic literacy (TASP/THEA OR Accuplacer) test, the TExES test in Secondary Pedagogy and Professional Responsibility, and the AAFCS/CFC – Texas Teacher Certification Version - for the content field in which the candidate intends to teach.

3.  No grade below a C will be accepted for course work completed in major or minor.

4.  Successful completion of student teaching is a requirement for Family and Consumer Science majors.