Center for Student Development

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The Center for Student Development provides leadership development opportunities and promotes student involvement. In addition, the office provides service leadership through outreach programs utilizing a volunteer network. Students who are interested in information about volunteer services, campus programs, leadership development, or campus organizations should contact the Center for Student Development at 940-898-3626, or come by the office located on the first floor of the Student Union.

Student Government Association

The Student Government Association (SGA) has a long history of student participation and service to the University. SGA meetings are held on each campus (Denton, Dallas, and Houston) on a regular basis, and all students are welcome and encouraged to attend the meetings. Active participation in SGA committees provides students with an opportunity to play a major role in the decision making on their respective campus. Students interested in holding a leadership position in SGA must qualify for office according to the standards stated in the Constitution and Bylaws.  Elections are held in the spring semester on all campuses. Students should contact the Center for Student Development for specific dates regarding the Denton campus elections. For Dallas and Houston dates, please contact the Assistant Director of Student Life on the appropriate campus.

Campus Activities Board

The Campus Activities Board (CAB), a branch of the Student Government Association, is a student-run organization responsible for providing activities and programs for the student body and the University community. CAB also provides valuable experiences and opportunities for students to develop personal and professional skills in leadership, time management, and group dynamics. Chair positions and committee memberships are open to all students. Additional information is available through the Center for Student Development.

Leadership Development

Students at TWU are encouraged to take advantage of both the formal leadership development programs and the informal opportunities to develop their personal and professional skills. This approach to leadership ensures that students can tailor their own program to promote their individual needs. Leadership programs, workshops, and retreats provide a strong basis for transitions from TWU to the work force after graduation. Participation in the leadership development program is an integral part of a student’s college experience.

Graduate Student Orientation

The Center for Student Development offers an annual orientation for new graduate students. For more information, contact the Center for Student Development at 940-898-3626, the Graduate Orientation website , or email .

Student Organizations

Involvement in university student organizations allows students to acquire skills such as leadership, communication, and team building. Participating in student organizations is beneficial during a student’s collegiate experience and in their role as a citizen within the community. Organizations such as the Student Government Association, honorary societies, social fraternities and sororities, professional organizations, sports clubs, and various special interest groups are vital components in the educational experience at TWU. Participation in student organizations is important to a student’s intellectual and professional development. A current listing of the chartered and University sanctioned organizations may be obtained from the Center for Student Development . Although student organizations do not receive any university funding, they are afforded the opportunity to apply for student leadership and programming funds through the SGA House of Representatives at the end of each semester.

Student Organization Policies and Qualifications

All student organizations must renew  their charters in the Center for Student Development annually in order to use University facilities and services. An organization will have to go through the New Student Organization Charter process unless it has had chartered status in any of the three prior long semesters. Two officers from all student organizations are required to attend risk management training at the beginning of the fall semester to obtain important information related to student groups. The Student Organization Manual , a complete guide of all student organization policies and procedures, may be obtained through the Center for Student Development. Chartered organizations enjoy the following privileges:

  • Access to a student organization mailbox located on the first floor of the Student Union.
  • Access to meeting rooms on campus free of charge with the provision that outside groups may not use rooms under a chartered student organization’s name.
  • Access to information and support through the professional staff members within the Center for Student Development.
  • Ability to elect a member of the organization to serve as a representative within the SGA House of Representatives.
  • Ability to create a student organization webpage.
  • Access to university vehicles (with the proper driver authorization)
  • Inclusion in university publications
  • Ability to apply for funding from the House of Representatives through the Student Leadership Development Fund and Student Organization Programming Fund

Student Events/Programs

Students who wish to have events or programs with attendance of 100 persons or more must adhere to policies stated in the Large Event Policy located on the Large Event form . Students must also fill out a student organization event checklist.

In support of the mission of Texas Woman’s University, the Division of Student Life does not allow for planning co-curricular activities during the week prior and the week of final exams. Creating or implementing meetings, programs, or activities during this time period may jeopardize students’ ability to perform to their highest academic potential.

In addition, the University prohibits the solicitation of funds by student organizations except under conditions defined and approved by the Center for Student Development and the Office of University Advancement; however, the group may engage in fundraising activities.

Establishing New Student Organizations

In order to become a chartered organization at TWU, an organization must complete an interest form from the Center for Student Development which is submitted to the SGA House of Representatives for review. An organization, once approved, must adhere to the following policies:

  • Shall be open to all TWU students regardless of race, sex, creed, disability, sexual orientation, age, and/or sex (National sororities in NPC and NPHC groups are exempt from gender discrimination by the Title IX Education Code);
  • Shall be led by TWU student officers elected or appointed by the organization;
  • Shall have one TWU faculty and/or staff advisor who must be a full-time employee;
  • Shall meet a genuine, demonstrated student interest of at least five students; however, the Center for Student Development recommends ten signatures to show the External Affairs Committee there is true interest in the student organization;
  • Shall uphold all University rules and regulations in addition to all state and federal laws;
  • Shall update their organization charter annually and provide the Center for Student Development with a list of new officers in the spring semester (if applicable);
  • Shall not be an unsolicited auxiliary of a national organization;
  • Shall not use the “Texas Woman’s University” or “TWU” name in its title;
  • Shall submit an updated local constitution and bylaws on an annual basis. If a group does have a relationship with a national affiliate, a national constitution and bylaws must be submitted on an annual basis. National organizations will need to verify their national affiliation on an annual basis;
  • Shall complete all risk management training on an annual basis;
  • Shall not use TWU’s tax ID Number.

Requirements for Elected and Appointed Officers of Student Organizations

Academic and social standards for membership and service as officers of student organizations are stipulated in the respective constitutions and bylaws of each organization. In some cases, such requirements may be above the general University requirements. In order to qualify for elected or appointed posts, a student must be in good standing with the University. In addition, a student must be enrolled for 9 semester credit hours as an undergraduate or 6 semester credit hours as a graduate student.

Volunteer Services

TWU Volunteer Services seeks to engage students in experiences that address human and community needs. They strive to promote student learning and development through their programmatic endeavors and commitment to a culture of active citizenship.

TWU students, faculty, and staff can participate in programs and events sponsored by the office such as: Find Your Fit Volunteer Fair, Lunch & Learn Brown Bag Workshop Series, Fall for Fall Service Day, MLK Day of Service, The Big Event, and Philanthropy Spotlight events. Additionally, Volunteer Services sponsors service-learning opportunities through the Alternative Breaks Program.

For members of the TWU community that are not sure how to get started in their service, Volunteer Services also does individual consultations to help narrow your search. For more information on how you can get involved, please visit the Volunteer Services website or contact the Volunteer Services Coordinator at 940-898-3626.