Student Health Services

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The Texas Woman’s University Student Health Services (SHS) is located on the TWU campus in the lower level of Hubbard Hall at 303 Administration Drive, next door to DPS (Department of Public Safety). SHS is dedicated to providing quality healthcare and preventative services to the students of our University. By providing these services, SHS intends to assist each student in maintaining maximum physical health, so that students may realize to the fullest extent possible the educational opportunities afforded by the university.

SHS provides medical services for diagnosis and treatment of illness and injury, as well as prevention services such as immunizations and well woman and well man examinations. Mental health services are also available. Fees are assessed for office visits, lab services, medication, and medical equipment/supplies. All x-rays are referred to an off-campus facility, and students are responsible for all charges. Student Health Services offers pharmacy services through Drug Emporium in Denton. Prescriptions are delivered to the clinic twice daily for pick-up or mailed to students for a small fee. Students wishing to use the pharmacy service to fill prescriptions written by personal physicians must complete required pharmacy forms and prescriptions must be brought or faxed to Student Health Services.

For more information regarding healthcare for TWU students, please visit the Student Health Services website .

Health Care – Houston

Students may access medical care in Houston through the University of Texas Health Science Center Student/Employee Health Services. For information on location and hours of operation, contact the UT clinic at 713-500-3267 or the Student Life Coordinator at 713-794-2158.

Health Care – Dallas

Students may access medical care at the Dallas campus through the Concentra Medical Clinic. For information on location and hours of operation, contact Concentra at 214-630-2331 or the Student Life Coordinator in Dallas at 214-689-6696.

Transportation to Student Health Services

Officers from the Department of Public Safety will, on occasion, escort sick or injured students to the Student Health Services. Individuals who are sick or who have minor injuries and can walk with some assistance should be escorted to a vehicle and transported to the Student Health Services. An ambulance is not available to transport students to Student Health Services.  Students with serious injuries, such as broken bones, severe bleeding, prolonged unconsciousness, or spinal injury, should be transported to a city hospital via city ambulance.

Health Insurance

An optional health insurance plan is available to TWU students currently enrolled. The health insurance plan is available to enrolled undergraduates taking at least 6 semester credit hours and graduate students taking at least 3 semester credit hours; courses may be on-line or traditional classroom setting. Student Health Services is equipped to handle routine medical problems when a student is on campus. Major illness or accidents may require special medical attention or hospitalization that is not available at the University. The University sponsored insurance program covers service on or off-campus for a semester or for a twelve-month period. Students and their parents are encouraged to consider the insurance program, and more information can be obtained by contacting Student Health Services .

F1 and J1 status international students are required by federal law and university policy to enroll in the university insurance plan as a condition of admission. Other departments in the Health Sciences are considering adding this requirement; students are encouraged to check with their departments.

Health Insurance and Tuberculosis Screening for International Students

As a condition of enrollment, Texas Woman’s University requires all international students to maintain medical and hospitalization insurance for the entire period of their enrollment at TWU. International students with an F1 or J1 visa status are required to obtain insurance coverage through the University-sponsored Plan . International students will be automatically enrolled in the insurance plan and premiums will be placed on the student’s tuition and fees bill each semester.

International students may request an exception from the University sponsored plan only in the following situations:

  • Employed by TWU and covered by employee health insurance;
  • Covered by group health insurance through another U.S. employer,
  • Sponsored student covered by insurance through their Embassy.

If an exception is granted, a charge for repatriation and evacuation may remain on the student’s account, if the alternate health insurance does not include these required benefits.

In order to request an exception, a student must complete the Foreign Student Insurance (FSI) Request for Exception' form and submit to Student Health Services with a copy of their current insurance coverage. All Requests for Exception F orms must be submitted by the 12th class day for the fall and spring semesters, and the 4th class day for the summer semesters. Late requests will not be accepted. The request process must be repeated each semester, and it is the student’s responsibility to submit requests in a timely fashion.

If a student will be out of the U.S. for the entire summer semester and wishes to waive the health insurance for summer a Special Circumstances – Request for Exception – Out of the United States form must be submitted to Student Health Services by the 12th class day of the previous spring semester. Late requests will not be accepted.

All new international students are required to be screened for tuberculosis. The TB blood test may be performed at the TWU Student Health Services or one of its subcontracting health clinics in Dallas or Houston. Alternatively, the student may download and print the Statement of Tuberculosis Clearance – International Students form from Student Health Services and have their personal physician complete and sign the form prior to traveling to TWU; however, the TB blood test must be performed in the U.S. The student being screened for Tuberculosis will have the additional responsibility of providing a copy of the TB chest clearance form to the TWU Office of International Education . For additional information regarding this policy, please contact the Office of International Education .

Meningitis Vaccine

Effective January 1, 2012, Texas law requires that all new entering and transfer college students age 21 and younger must receive a vaccination or booster against bacterial meningitis. An entering student also includes a student who has had a break of enrollment of one or more fall or spring semesters. For more information, please visit the Meningitis Vaccination Requirement website .