Master of Fine Arts in Dance

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

63 semester credit hours, including choreography/performance culminating project and professional paper. The M.F.A. is a three-year course of study.

Special Requirements

Continuation in the program is contingent upon successful completion of the first year review.

Comprehensive Final Examination

Oral examination encompassing academic and artistic aspects of the program. May be repeated once at discretion of the committee.

Special Requirements for all Master’s Degrees

Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better in all courses applied to the degree. A grade of C or below in any course will not count toward the Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree.

Master of Fine Arts in Dance Program of Study (63 semester credit hours)

Program Requirements
Choreography & Performance32
Dance Praxis15
Total Semester Credit Hours63

Suggested Sequence of Coursework

Year I Fall Semester (Even Years)
DNCE 5023Methods of Research in Dance3
DNCE 5222Workshop in Dance (The Art of Remembering: Composing the Body in Time and Space)2
DNCE 5281Advanced Ballet Technique I1
DNCE 5301Techniques in Contemporary Dance I1
DNCE 5433Contemporary Contexts of Dance3
DNCE 5903Special Topics (Dance Making Project I)3
Year I Spring Semester (Odd Years)
DNCE 5101Dance Performance/Choreography1
DNCE 5211Workshop in Dance (Somatic Practices)1
DNCE 5222Workshop in Dance (Exploring Alternative Venues and Contexts)2
DNCE 5243Pedagogical Foundations for Dance3
DNCE 5291Advanced Ballet Technique II1
DNCE 5311Techniques in Contemporary Dance II1
Year II Fall Semester (Odd Years)
DNCE 5101Dance Performance/Choreography1
DNCE 5222Workshop in Dance (Improvisation: Spontaneous Composition)2
DNCE 5253Artistic Process3
DNCE 5281Advanced Ballet Technique I1
DNCE 5301Techniques in Contemporary Dance I1
DNCE 5903Special Topics (Dance Making Project II)3
Year II Spring Semester (Even Years)
DNCE 5222Workshop in Dance (Producing Dance in the Professional Realm)2
DNCE 5223Historical and Cultural Study of Dance3
DNCE 5311Techniques in Contemporary Dance II1
DNCE 5903Special Topics (Dance Making Project III)3
DNCE 5913Independent Study (Culminating Project I)3
Summer I Session - Year I or II
DNCE 5233Workshop in Dance (Guest Artist Residency)3
Year III Fall Semester
DNCE 5301Techniques in Contemporary Dance I1
DNCE 5913Independent Study (Culminating Project II)3
Year III Spring Semester
DNCE 5311Techniques in Contemporary Dance II (with Contact Improvisation)1
DNCE 5973Professional Paper (with Final Oral Presentation)3
Total Semester Credit Hours63