Master of Science in Food Systems Administration

(This program is not currently accepting new students.)

The M.S. in Food Systems Administration is designed to prepare students who receive this degree for management careers in foodservice/nutrition departments of hospitals, schools, universities and other institutions. The program uses a hybrid format. Course delivery is predominantly online (offered from Denton and Houston), but several courses require 3 face-to-face sessions. For additional information visit the Department of Nutrition and Food Sciences website.

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

36 semester credit hours


A minimum of 9 graduate credit hours in an area of emphasis can be achieved within the total number of program hours or by taking additional coursework. If a minor is declared, a faculty member in that minor area of study must serve on the academic committee.

Masters of Science in Food System Administration Program of Study (36 semester credit hours)

Required Courses
NFS 5773Organization and Management for Foodservice Systems3
NFS 5713Human Resource Management in Nutritional Care Systems3
NFS 5763Food Safety/Foodborne Illness3
NFS 5733Productivity and Quality Improvement for Foodservice Systems3
NFS 5743Cost Analysis for Foodservice Systems3
NFS 5753Foodservice Facility Design and Management3
NFS 5793Management Information Systems for Food Systems Administration3
NFS 5721Seminar in Food Systems Administration1
Graduate Statistics Course3
Additional Coursework11
Additional coursework to be selected from other NFS program areas (Nutrition or Food Science), coursework from another department (e.g., Business), or coursework transferred from another institution (up to 3 hours) with approval of the advisory committee.
A maximum of 6 credit hours for TWU internship experience, independent study, or cooperative education is permitted.
Total SCHs36