Master of Science in Family Therapy

The M.S. in Family Therapy program provides the courses needed to sit for the national examination as required by the Texas State Board of Examiners of Marriage and Family Therapists for LMFT licensure in Texas and is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation for Marriage and Family Therapy Education (COAMFTE). The program requires 60 semester hours of coursework. Clinical coursework includes at least 3 semesters of Internship in Family Therapy with 500 hours of direct client contact hours (including a minimum of 200 hours with couples or families) and 100 hours of supervision (including a minimum of 50 hours of supervision utilizing observable data).

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

60 semester credit hours (thesis or non-thesis option)


Courses in family therapy (30 semester credit hours), research (6 semester credit hours), plus a minimum of 18 semester credit hours of professional competencies specified in degree plan. Students must also pass the Family Therapy M.S. Final Exam.

Grading Specific to the Family Therapy Program:

All Family Therapy students are required to earn grades of "B" or better in all graduate courses.  If less than a "B" is earned, students must retake the course the next available semester the course is offered.  If a student earns two non-passing grades in any courses during their program, they will be removed from the program.  Even though students have retaken a course and earned a passing grade for one (1) course, it does not negate the consequence associated with this two non-passing grades requirement.

Final Examination

Family Therapy requires a final exam. This examination may be repeated once if deemed appropriate by the Family Therapy faculty.

Criminal Background Check

Passing a criminal background check is required by TWU and/or certain facilities associated with the required clinical work or for certifications/licensures. If students are unable to be cleared on any of these requirements, they may not be eligible to continue in the program or become certified/licensed.

Master of Science in Family Therapy Program of Study (60 semester credit hours)

Family Therapy Core
FS 5003Lifespan Human Development3
FS 5023Family Sexuality (face-to-face class format only)3
FS 5123Theories of the Family3
FS 5353Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning for Counselors3
FS 5553Principles of Couple Therapy3
FS 5563Foundations of Family Therapy Theory3
FS 5853Family Systems (must be taken with FS 5543)3
FS 5863Issues and Ethics in Professional Development (must be taken with FS 5903 )3
FS 5883Family of Origin3
FS 5903Special Topics (Clinical Practicum with Diverse and Underserved Communities; Prerequisites are FS 5543 and either FS 5883 OR FS 5563 )3
Professional Competencies
FS 5543Prepracticum in Family Therapy3
FS 5544Internship in Family Therapy (Prerequisites are FS 5543, FS 5903, FS 5883, FS 5563, 3 consecutive semesters minimum. Students must complete applications and be approved during the semester preceding enrollment for each semester of Internship.)12
FS 5903Special Topics (Clinical Practicum with Diverse and Underserved Communities) (Prerequisites are FS 5543 and either FS 5883 OR FS 5563)3
FS 5693Research Methods in Family Sciences3
FS 5193Statistics for Research in Family Sciences3
Non-thesis Option
Select 6 semester credit hours as agreed upon by student's advisory committee. Choices include:6
Grief and Bereavement
Child Growth and Development in Early Childhood
Adolescents in the Family
Psychological Appraisal of the Individual
Group Counseling Procedures
Multicultural Counseling
Aging in Families and Society
Addiction Counseling
Child Guidance
Health, Illness, and Families
OR Thesis Option
Total SCHs60