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ECO 1023 Principles of Macroeconomics

ECO 1023. Principles of Macroeconomics. (TCCN ECON 2301) A macroeconomic analysis covering money and banking, gross national product and income accounting, public finance, principles of taxation, labor, international economics (balance of payments), comparative economic systems. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

Texas Common Course Numbering System

...2301 Principles of Macroeconomics ECO 1023 ECON 2302 Principles of Microeconomics ECO 1013 EDUC 1100...

2017-18 TWU Core Curriculum Courses

...TWU Course TCCNS ECO 1013 Principles of Microeconomics ECON 2302 ECO 1023 Principles of Macroeconomics...