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GOV 2013 U.S. National Government

GOV 2013. U.S. National Government. (TCCN GOVT 2305) Origin and development of the U.S. Constitution; structure and powers of the national government including the legislative, executive, and judicial branches; federalism; democratic theory, political participation, and the national election process; policy-making and factors influencing national policy decisions; civil liberties and civil rights; American foreign relations; demographics and the politics of race, gender, and class in the American political system. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

Texas Common Course Numbering System

...GOVT 2305 Federal Government GOV 2013 GOVT 2306 Texas Government GOV 2023 HECO 1322 Nutrition...

Credit By Examination, AP, CLEP, IB

...TWU Course Received Credits American Government 50 GOV 2013 3 History of the United States...