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HIST 2013 Survey of World Civilization to 1715

HIST 2013. Survey of World Civilization to 1715. (TCCN HIST 2321) A survey of ancient and medieval culture and history and the beginning of the modern era. Topics include the broad spectrum of human activity, the politics, wars, industry, economics, culture, intellectual thought, science, artistic creations, and the interrelationships both with other cultures and with a world environment. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

Texas Common Course Numbering System

...HIST 1023 HIST 2301 Texas History HIST 3713 HIST 2321 World Civilization I HIST 2013...

Credit By Examination, AP, CLEP, IB

...History 3 HIST 1013 , HIST 1023 6 World History 3 HIST 2013 , HIST 2023 6...