Financial Aid

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Office of Financial Aid
Texas Woman’s University
P.O. Box 425408
Denton, TX 76204-5408

TWU maintains an Office of Financial Aid which provides financial assistance to qualified students. Aid may be awarded in the form of work, grants, loans, assistantships, scholarships or some combination of these. In order to assure that a student’s financial aid is available at registration, the following application deadlines must be followed:

Academic ScholarshipsMarch 15
Summer Financial AidMarch 15
Fall/Spring Financial AidApril 15
Spring Financial AidSeptember 1

Applications received after these dates will be processed on a funds-available basis.  Late applicants should be aware that funds may not be available as early as they are needed for payment of tuition, fees, and related educational expenses.

Financial aid recipients must maintain satisfactory progress toward a degree or certification in order to retain their eligibility. Specifically, this means that students receiving financial aid must successfully complete 6 semester credit hours each semester with a minimum 3.0 grade point average. Grades of ‘F’, ‘I’, ‘W’, and ‘WF’ will not satisfy this requirement. Failure to meet the minimum grade requirements will result in financial aid probation.

A student on financial aid warning will be permitted to receive aid for one semester. If the student successfully meets the minimum academic standards during the warning semester, he or she will return to good standing for financial aid purposes. Failure to meet the minimum academic progress standards during the warning semester will result in the suspension of financial aid eligibility until the standards are met. Students who feel that there were mitigating circumstances beyond their control which impacted their progress may submit a written appeal to the Director of Financial Aid.

Master’s level financial aid applicants may not have registered for, or attempted, more than 54 semester credit hours toward a master’s degree. Doctoral level financial aid applicants may not have registered for, earned, or attempted more than 90 semester credit hours toward a doctoral degree. The maximum semester credit hours include all semester credit hours at the master’s and doctoral level from any institution regardless of whether aid was received. If a graduate student’s curriculum requires more course work than the allowable maximum, a letter from the department chair specifying the total semester credit hours required must be submitted to the Office of Financial Aid for re-evaluation of the applicant’s maximum eligibility period. For more information, contact: