Master of Arts in Dance

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

36 semester credit hours, including hours for thesis or professional project/paper.



Comprehensive Final Examination

An oral defense of the thesis or professional project/paper is required.

Special Requirements for all Master’s Degrees

Students are required to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 or better in all courses applied to the degree. A grade of C or below in any course will not count toward the Master of Arts or Master of Fine Arts degree.

Master of Arts in Dance Program of Study (36 semester credit hours)

Studio Work
Graduate Level Technique (Level III or IV, or approved substitution. One in each of four semesters)
Select 7 semester credit hours from the following:7
Advanced Ballet Technique I
Advanced Ballet Technique II
Techniques in Contemporary Dance I
Techniques in Contemporary Dance II
Workshop in Dance (Summer 1, recommended after first year)
DNCE 5023Methods of Research in Dance3
DNCE 5223Historical and Cultural Study of Dance3
DNCE 5243Pedagogical Foundations for Dance3
DNCE 5433Contemporary Contexts of Dance3
Professional Project/Paper or Thesis
Select 6 credit hours from the following options:6
Independent Study (Professional Project)
Professional Paper
Thesis (I)
Thesis (II)
Electives in Consultation with Advisor11
Total Semester Credit Hours36