Master of Arts in Music with an Emphasis in Music Therapy

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

36 semester credit hours

Special requirement

A grade of A or B for courses to be counted toward the degree.

Final Examination

An oral examination will include a comprehensive review of the major area of emphasis, the culminating project,  and evaluation of musical styles. The result of the exam will be reported as:

  1. pass;
  2. not pass;
  3. deferral (exam may only be repeated once).

Master of Arts in Music with an Emphasis In Music Therapy Program of Study (36 semester credit hours)

Major Area
MU 5533Philosophies and Theories of Music Therapy3
MU 5543Multicultural Perspectives in Music Therapy3
MU 5911Independent Study (Taken 3 times. Music Therapy Clinical Electives: relaxation, imagery, improvisation, practicum.)3
Professional Paper or Thesis Options. Select One of the following options:6
Professional Paper Option
Professional Paper
Music Electives (3 credits)
OR Thesis Option
Other Studies in Music
MU 5933Styles in Music3
MU 5643Research on Music and Behavior3
MU 5403Music Theory Pedagogy3
or MU 5903 Special Topics
(Must be MU 5903 ST: Analytical Techniques)
Music Electives (3 credits)3
Select 9 semester credit hours from psychology, sociology, music therapy, social work, special education, drama, business or economics or other approved courses.9
Total Semester Credit Hours36


Approved electives may be selected from psychology, sociology, music therapy, social work, special education, drama, business and economics, music education, applied music, and other fields appropriate to the student’s goals. Students may choose to complete a minor in a related field with the approval of the music therapy advisor and the appropriate department.

Testing for drugs, specific immunizations in addition to those required by TWU, proof of personal medical insurance, and/or passing a criminal background check may be required by certain facilities associated with the required clinical work or for certification. If students are unable to be cleared on any of these requirements, they may not be eligible to continue in the program or to obtain certification. The cost of any required background checks, immunizations, and/or drug testing are the responsibility of the student.

Certification as a Music Therapist (MT-BC) is achieved by passing a national examination administered by the Certification Board for Music Therapists. Completion of the undergraduate equivalency or an undergraduate degree in music therapy does not guarantee eligibility to take the board certification exam. Questions regarding specific criminal background and its possible effects on eligibility for board certification should be addressed directly to the Certification Board for Music Therapists.