Doctor of Philosophy in Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies

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Total Semester Credit Hours Required

A minimum of 90 semester credit hours beyond the baccalaureate, including a minimum of 15 semester credit hours of guided electives and 12 semester credit hours for dissertation. The doctoral degree is flexible and individually-tailored in order to most effectively meet each student’s research interests and career goals. In addition to a set of required program courses, each student will develop an individualized degree plan composed of guided electives in American Studies, Health Studies, Multicultural Studies, Rhetoric/English, or Sociology; research tools; a qualifying examination; a dissertation; and a dissertation defense. Students will select specific courses under the guidance of their graduate committee. See the Ph.D. program page on the Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies website for further information about guidelines and contacts.

Required Program Courses

WS 5363Feminist/Womanist Epistemologies3
WS 6103New Directions in Feminist/Womanist Theories3
WS 6203Women's and Gender Studies Disciplinary / Interdisciplinary Knowledges3
WS 6303Transdisciplinary Feminist Research Methods3
WS 6403The Politics of Publication and Writing3

Guided Electives

To enhance the transdisciplinary nature of the Ph.D. in Multicultural Women’s and Gender Studies and to assist students in developing additional sets of innovative knowledges and skills, each student, in consultation with the student’s graduate committee, will select a 15 semester credit hour concentration in one of the following interdisciplinary or disciplinary areas: American Studies, Health Studies, Multicultural Studies, Rhetoric/English, or Sociology. The specific courses selected should complement or enhance knowledge in the student’s anticipated area of research for the dissertation.

Qualifying Examination

A written qualifying examination portfolio will be submitted. Students are expected to submit their qualifying examination portfolio within one calendar year of completing the coursework.

Dissertation Defense

An oral defense of the dissertation is required.