Application for Admission

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For admission into degree and certificate programs of the TWU Graduate School, all applicants must submit the following documents:

  1. The  electronic application along with the non-refundable processing fee.
  2. An official transcript from each college or university attended is required for all undergraduate and graduate coursework attempted and/or completed.
  3. Official scores for any standardized exams that are required by the academic component offering the program of interest. If a standardized exam is not required by the component, the applicant has the option of submitting scores voluntarily. If submitting GRE electronic scores, the TWU institution code is 6826.
  4. If you are an international applicant or permanent resident, official TOEFL or IELTS scores are required unless you qualify for an exemption. Refer to the TOEFL Exemption form for minimum score requirements and approved exemptions.

See International Students for further information about English proficiency requirements.

Applicants should submit the above information no fewer than ninety days before the session to which admission is sought to the following address:

Office of Admissions Processing
P. O. Box 425649
Denton, TX 76204

Selected programs may have earlier deadlines. Applicants should submit to the individual academic component any additional documents required for admission to a specific graduate program offered by that component. Applications are not considered complete until all required materials are received by the Office of Admissions Processing. Only at that time will applications be sent to the department for consideration.

An applicant’s academic record must reflect the ability to pursue advanced study and research. The applicant shall present an official transcript which, for unconditional admission, shows sufficient and satisfactory undergraduate preparation in the major field. Specific prerequisites vary among components of the University and are indicated in the appropriate sections of this catalog. Ordinarily, an undergraduate major (or credit for a minimum of twenty-four semester credit hours, twelve of which are advanced) in the same field is prerequisite to a graduate major; prerequisites for a graduate minor are usually based on the requirements of an undergraduate minor (or credit for eighteen semester credit hours, six of which are advanced) in the same field. However, a college, school, or department may require a candidate to take additional preparatory courses on either the graduate or undergraduate level which will not be counted as degree credit. Such additional preparation may require semester credit hours beyond the minimum needed for the degree.

Departmental graduate admission committees make recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School regarding the admission status of applicants. Upon approval of the application for admission, the applicant is sent a letter from the Dean of the Graduate School specifying either unconditional or conditional admission. All conditions or prerequisites that must be met in addition to the graduate program requirements are stated in detail. Upon notification of admission, the applicant should confer with the appropriate advisor in the proposed major department in order to become acquainted with specific departmental requirements. Graduate students who do not attend the University for a period of two years at any time after their initial enrollment must reapply for admission.