Master of Healthcare Administration (M.H.A.) - Business Analytics Emphasis

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Semester Credit Hours Required

54-70 Semester credit hours required

The M.H.A. with an emphasis in Business Analytics provides the skills needed to gather, analyze, and evaluate meaningful patterns represented in data that all healthcare organizations must understand and manage.  The emphasis builds the skills required to communicate this information at various levels within an organization.  This program also explores technology, interface, and security issues related to data access and use within healthcare organizations.

Proficiency Courses (may be waived)0-16
Concepts of Health and Disease for Administrators
Foundations of Health Services
Managerial Communications
Organizational Behavior in Health Care Administration
Research Methods for Managerial Decision Making
Research Methods in Business
Financial Accounting in Health Care Administration
Required Courses for M.H.A. major
HCA 5193Health Law3
HCA 5343Human Resources Management in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5363Leadership and Career Development in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5383Ethical Analysis in Health Services3
HCA 5443Operations Analysis in Healthcare Administration3
HCA 5493Performance Measurement and Quality in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5533Management Accounting for Health Care Organizations3
HCA 5543Health Care Finance3
HCA 5623Economics of Health Care3
HCA 5633Health Policy Analysis3
HCA 5933Capstone in Health Care Administration3
HCA 5883Professional Portfolio and Healthcare Career Competencies3
Required Courses for emphasis in Business Analytics
HCA 5473Health Information Management3
or CSCI 5103 Fundamentals of Informatics
HCA 5483Epidemiological Models for Health Services3
BUS 5763Strategic Information Systems3
BUS 5683Business Decision Process3
BUS 5693Enterprise Applications of Business Intelligence3
CSCI 5673Big Data: Management, Access, and Use3
Total Semester Credit Hours54-70