Master of Science in Child Life

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All degree plans are developed in consultation with the student's advisory committee and are based on current departmental requirements as well as individual student needs and objectives. No grade below B is accepted toward the master's degree described below.

The Master of Science (M.S.) in Child Life prepares graduates for positions in both healthcare and community settings. Completion of this degree may lead to (but does not guarantee) eligibility to pursue certification through the Association of Child Life Professionals (ACLP). Courses are taught 100% online, and the program has the approval of the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board. 

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

37 semester credit hours


Courses in research and subject matter as specified in degree plan. 

Special Requirements 

Students who earn two grades of C or below in graduate courses will be dismissed from the program.

The student's graduate committee should have at least two members (out of three) from ECDE component faculty. 

Final Examination

This program requires an oral defense of a thesis, capstone project, professional paper, or professional portfolio. This defense may be repeated if deemed appropriate by student's graduate committee, with approval of the chair of the department. 

Master of Science in Child Life Program of Study (37 credit hours)

Core Courses (9 hours)
FS 5113Theories of Human Development3
FS 5223Child Growth and Human Development in Early Childhood3
FS 5853Family Systems3
Research (7 hours)
FS 5193Statistics for Research in Family Sciences3
FS 5693Research Methods in Family Sciences3
FS 5911Independent Study (Capstone)1
Professional Competencies (21 hours)
FS 5183Grief and Bereavement3
FS 5573Family Crises3
FS 5593Play, Development, and the Young Learner3
FS 5903Special Topics (Child Life *required for Child Life Certification Exam by Child Life Council)3
FS 5913Independent Study (Internship in Child Life *required for Child Life Certification Exam by Child Life Council)3
FS 6323Health, Illness, and Families3
FS 6233Issues and Ethics in Professional Development3
Total Semester Credit Hours37