Master of Arts in Library Science

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The Master of Arts in Library Science (M.A. in Library Science) degree is available entirely online and is designed to prepare library and information professionals to conduct research in an information environment. This includes positions in:

  • Academic libraries
  • Public libraries
  • School libraries
  • Corporate and other special libraries

This preparation is achieved by: 1) the acquisition of knowledge in a set of courses basic to an understanding of library and information studies; 2) advanced instruction in a set of research courses; 3) completion of a thesis; and 4) experience in a research setting. As graduates conduct their professional research and/or move into doctoral programs in librarianship, they will make effective contributions to library research.

Goals of the M.A. in Library Science degree, in addition to goals for the M.L.S., are: 1) to contribute to the improvement of library and information services through research; 2) to produce graduates who can work in association with researchers in other disciplines; and 3) to produce graduates with research expertise needed to work in academic libraries, government agencies, etc.

The Master of Arts in Library Science degree program at Texas Woman's University is accredited by the American Library Association Committee on Accreditation , with the status of Continued accreditation. The next comprehensive review visit is scheduled for Spring 2017.

Master of Arts in Library Science Program of Study (39 semester credit hours)

Required Courses
LS 5083Foundations of Library and Information Studies3
LS 5053Information Retrieval3
LS 5043Information and Communication Technology3
LS 5023Information Organization3
LS 5003Collection Development3
LS 5263Information Sources and Services3
LS 5383Library Management3
LS 5753Research Methods3
LS 5843Practicum3
3 semester credit hours in Library Science and other disciplines as approved by faculty advisor
Research Tool
3 semester credit hours3
LS 5983Thesis3
LS 5993Thesis3
Total Semester Credit Hours39

Special Requirements

A cumulative B average must be maintained. Any course with a grade of C cannot be applied toward the student’s degree. Students are allowed to repeat a course once to improve a grade. No graduate library science course may be taken more than twice.