Teacher Education in the Disciplines

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Coordination: Dean of Professional Education and Professional Education Council
Location: Stoddard 202
Telephone: 940-898-2202
Fax: 940-898-2209
Advising: Professional Education Student Support Services, Stoddard Hall 211

Teaching certificates in the disciplines require an undergraduate degree and completion of required courses in teacher education. Students may earn the teaching certificate in two ways:

  1. while earning the bachelor’s degree by completing a major in an approved certification area and a minor in education, or
  2. by earning teaching certification as post-baccalaureate students after completing a degree.

Students preparing to teach elementary school, middle school English Language Arts and Reading, or middle school core subjects must major in Interdisciplinary Studies and minor in Education. Students seeking a secondary or all-level certificate must select a major in the specialization area and minor in Education. Academic advising is available to all students from both the academic departments and the College of Professional Education.

Teaching Certificate Plans for the Majors

Requirements for majors with teaching certificates vary among academic departments and according to the grades to be taught. Plans for grades 6-12, 7-12, and 8-12 are considered secondary education. Students should complete the requirements for the university core curriculum and the major department’s plan for teacher certification. In some areas, certificates are provided which permit the student to teach a single subject in all levels or grades of the public schools (EC-12 plans).

Teaching Certifications Available in the Disciplines

Major Discipline Teacher Certification Programs
ArtsEC-12 Art
6-12 Dance
EC-12 Music
EC-12 Theatre Arts
Biology4-8 Science
7-12 Composite Science
7-12 Life Science
Communication SciencesEC-12 Education of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing
Chemistry7-12 Science - Chemistry
6-12 Physical Science
Computer Science 8-12 Computer Science
English7-12 English Language Arts and Reading
Family & Consumer Sciences6-12 Family and Consumer Sciences - Composite
8-12 Human Development and Family Studies
8-12 Hospitality, Nutrition and Food Sciences
Health StudiesEC-12 Health Education
History and Government4-8 Social Studies
7-12 Social Studies
7-12 History
KinesiologyEC-12 Physical Education
Language Arts4-8 English Language Arts and Reading
Mathematics4-8 Mathematics
7-12 Mathematics
Sciences4-8 Science
7-12 Composite Science

Clinical Student Teaching Eligibility Requirements

Clinical student teaching is to be completed during the student's fourth year in a school for an entire fall or spring term/semester. Students should plan ahead to cover their financial needs during the clinical student teaching semester. For information regarding clinical student teaching, please contact the Professional Development Center, Stoddard Hall, Room 202, phone 940-898-2735.

  1. Admission to the Educator Preparation Program;
  2. A minimum 2.75 overall grade point average;
  3. Satisfactory completion (as defined by the major department) of all course work leading to degree and certification requirements except student teaching; and
  4. Taken all TExES content, supplemental exams (if applicable), and passed the TExES EC-12 PPR exam.

Application for Teaching Certificate (Online)

Once students have completed their program, students will apply online for teaching certificates on the Texas Education Agency website. Specific rules affect teacher certification procedures and institutional recommendation. These include:

  1. No student may be admitted to or recommended for an initial certificate or supplemental program based on expired state standards.
  2. To be approved for any certificate, candidates shall be required to achieve a satisfactory level of performance on one or more examinations prescribed by the State Board for Educator Certification .
  3. Effective September 1, 1982, the State Board of Education rule gives the Commissioner of Education the authority to suspend or revoke a teaching certificate, or refuse to issue a teaching certificate for a person who has been convicted of a felony or misdemeanor for a crime directly related to the duties and responsibilities of the teaching profession. All applicants for an initial credential must submit fingerprints to TEA.
  4. Recommendation for certification will not be made until all state and university requirements are met.

Certification of Post-Baccalaureate Students

TWU offers several options to individuals with a bachelor’s degree who are seeking either initial or additional Texas teacher certification. Materials are available in the College of Professional Education Office of Student Support Services that outline the steps involved. All post-baccalaureate students pursuing initial teacher certification must have a GPA of at least 3.0 on the last 60 semester credit hours and a cumulative GPA of at least 2.75. Regardless of the total number of hours needed to complete certification requirements, at least 15 semester credit hours of course work must be taken at TWU prior to recommendation for certification. Other requirements unique to the academic specialization must be satisfied.

Graduate Courses

Please refer to the Graduate Catalog or the department website for information about our graduate courses in Special Education, Educational Leadership, and Bilingual Education.