Graduate Assistantships

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The University provides a limited number of graduate assistantships, graduate teaching assistantships, and graduate research assistantships for qualified graduate students. Stipends vary according to the assignment and educational level of the applicant. Information regarding appointment procedures and remuneration is located on the Graduate School websiteGraduate Assistantships (GA) are designed to enhance the student's scholarly and professional development. 

A GA is both a student and a staff or faculty member. As a student, the GA is expected to maintain high academic standards to retain the assistantship. As a staff or faculty member, the GA is expected to complete research and teaching responsibilities in a timely and efficient manner. GAs receive a stipend for contributing to the teaching and research mission of the University.

Students should consult their departments of study concerning the availability of assistantships with the department in which the applicant will study. Students may also consult Career Connections or other departments for available assistantships outside the department in which the applicant will study. For an assistantship within the department in which the applicant will study, students must submit an Application for Graduate Assistantships. The completed application and supporting documents, including official transcripts, verification of graduate status, and letters of reference must be filed with the head of the academic component or department for review and recommendation. Students applying for assistantships through Career Connections outside the department in which the applicant will study must complete an application through Career Connections as well as the Application for Graduate Assistantships.