Speech, Language, and Hearing Clinic-Denton / Stroke Center-Dallas

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Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic – Denton

The Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic located on TWU’s Denton Campus provides assessment and therapeutic services to the University and Denton communities for a minimal fee. Master’s level graduate students under the direct supervision of licensed, certified speech-language pathologists and audiologists provide assessments and individual intervention for children and adults in the areas of language, literacy, speech sound disorders, accent modification, voice, stuttering, hearing loss, and feeding. During the summer, camps are offered for children with sensory/motor-based feeding disorders, language and literacy difficulty, fluency disorders, and speech sound disorders including childhood apraxia of speech. Discount rates are available for students and alumni.

For applications or further information about the Clinic, contact:

TWU Speech, Language and Hearing Clinic
P.O. Box 425737
Denton, TX 76204-5737
email: comsclinic@twu.edu

The clinic is located in MCL 601 on the Denton campus.

The Stroke Center – Dallas

The Stroke Center – Dallas was established in 1992 to provide treatment and training in neurological rehabilitation specifically for stroke and right hemisphere injuries. A core team of health professionals and graduate students provides outpatient services. Located in the T. Boone Pickens Institute of Health Sciences on the TWU Dallas campus, the Center operates five 6-week sessions each year. Assessment and intervention services include speech and language therapy, physical therapy assessment, and psychosocial counseling. A major focus of The Stroke Center is clinical research. Individuals may be referred by physician, family, or self.

For applications or further information about The Stroke Center programs contact:

The Stroke Center - Dallas
5500 Southwestern Medical Avenue
Dallas, TX  75235
email: strokecenter@twu.edu