Freshman Student Admission

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Students who will graduate or have already graduated from high school, who will complete or have completed a home schooling program, who hold a GED certificate of completion, or who have attempted fewer than 12 semester credit hours of college-level course work after high school graduation are considered freshman applicants. Students who have earned college semester credit hours while in high school are considered freshman applicants with college credit. High school seniors accepted as a first-time in college student must submit a final transcript verifying high school graduation prior to enrolling in TWU coursework. TWU applicants who meet both criteria below will be approved automatically for admission to Texas Woman’s University:

  1. Graduation from a regionally-accredited high school in Texas within the last two years and
  2. Class ranking in the top 25 percent of their high school graduating class.

Class rank will be based on the end of the 11th grade, middle of the 12th grade, or at high school graduation, whichever is most recent when the application is reviewed.

NOTE: Although in the above instance, admission to TWU is assured, ACT or SAT test scores are still required to ensure proper advising and course placement, and for new freshman scholarship consideration.

Regular Freshman Admission

Freshman applicants who do not meet the requirements for Assured Admission will be considered for regular admission if they meet all of the following criteria:

  1. Graduated from a regionally-accredited high school, a home-school program, or hold a GED certificate of completion, and
  2. Attained at least a 2.0 high school grade point average on a 4.0 scale, and
  3. Have class ranking in the top 50 percent of their high school graduating class, and
  4. Scored 1000 or above (Critical Reading and Math combined) on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT) prior to March 2016,  OR scored 1080 or above (Evidence Based Reading and Writing, and Math combined) on the Scholastic Assessment Test (SAT), OR scored a 21 composite score or above on the ACT Assessment, and
  5. Meet one of the curriculum requirements below:
    1. Completed or enrolled in the Foundation, Recommended or Distinguished Texas High School Curriculum*, or an International Baccalaureate Program,
    2. If attending a private Texas high school or an out-of-state high school, completed or enrolled in a college-prep curriculum as outlined below: 
      English (4 semester credit hours) 
      Math (3 semester credit hours, including Algebra II)
      Science (3 semester credit hours)
      Social Studies (3 semester credit hours)
      Academic Electives (3 semester credit hours)
  6. Students who are home-schooled or graduating from an unaccredited high school must meet the minimum required SAT or ACT score as specified for Regular Freshman Admission.
  7. Applicants to TWU must complete at least the Texas Foundation or Recommended High School Program (RHSP) to be eligible for admission consideration to a Texas public institution. Applicants who are home-schooled, or are graduating from a high school that does not utilize the Texas Foundation or RHSP, or an out-of-state high school, must complete and submit the Uniform Admissions Policy form as documentation of their high school program before being evaluated for admission.

*Changes to the Foundation, Recommended and/or Distinguished Curriculum adopted by the state will be followed by TWU.

Individual Review for Freshman Admission

Freshman applicants who do not meet all of the Assured Admission or Regular Admission requirements require further review. Applicants are reviewed by the Office of Admissions Processing to determine if an offer of admission will be made. Additional credentials or materials may be requested from applicants being considered for admission.

Adult/Non-Traditional Student Admission

An applicant may apply under adult student status if all of the following conditions are met.
The applicant must:

  1. Have a high school diploma or Certificate of High School Equivalency (C-HSE), and
  2. Have graduated high school or completed C-HSE requirements at least five years prior to the start date of the term of enrollment. If the high school diploma or the C-HSE was obtained less than five years ago, the applicant should apply as a traditional first time freshman.
  3. Have not previously attempted more than 12 or more transferable semester credit hours of college-level credit. This does not include: developmental, vocational or technical credit.

Applicants will need to meet one of the following high school equivalency test.

  •  GED test-General Educational Development Test by GEDTS

A passing score requires a minimum of 145 on each of the four exams.

  • HiSet exam - High School Equivalency Test by ETS

A passing score requires a minimum of 8 on each of the five exams, a combined score of 45, and a minimum score of 2 on the Language Arts-Writing essay.

Applicants must submit an application, application fee, and official high school transcript or C-HSE. The SAT or ACT test score is not required of eligible adult/non-traditional applicants. An approved TSI test is required prior to enrollment in coursework.

If an applicant has completed C-HSE requirements, the completion date of the C-HSE serves as the applicant’s high school graduation date. If the C-HSE was obtained at least five years ago, SAT or ACT test scores are not required. However, if the C-HSE was obtained less than five years ago, the applicant will be reviewed under provisional freshman admission criteria, which requires the submission of an SAT or ACT test score.