Mathematics and Computer Science Minors

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The department offers minors in Mathematics, Computer Science, Statistics and Data Science. Course selections are tailored to the student’s needs in consultation with departmental advisors.

Clinical Applications

NURS 3213Business Analysis of Health-Generated Data3
NURS 3223Internet Resources for Health Promotion3
NURS 4113Applications and Devices for Health Promotion3
NURS 4213Interface Design in Health Informatics3
NURS 4313Telecommunications/Networking for Remote Management3
NURS 4723Applied Statistics in Healthcare Informatics3
Total SCHs18

Community Informatics

CSCI 4623Big Data and High Performance Computing3
CSCI 4823Principles of Data Mining3
LS 3153Knowledge Economy3
Any Community Informatics related courses approved by advisor9
Total SCHs18

Computer Science

Students interested in a minor in Computer Science may choose from Computer Programming/Software Engineering, or Computer Applications or Information Systems. For more detailed information regarding this minor, please refer to the department web page. A departmental advisor must approve the minor program.

Data Science

The minor in Data Science, concerned with the extraction of knowledge from data, employs techniques and theories drawn from many fields within the broad areas of mathematics, statistics, computer science and information technology. The minor requires 18 hours of coursework including at least 6 upper level hours and must be approved by a department advisor.


MATH 2014Calculus I4
Select 14 additional semester credit hours of mathematics courses, at least 6 of which must be advanced.14
Total SCHs18

A departmental advisor must approve the minor program.


MATH 2703Data Collection3
MATH 3583Statistical Methods II3
Choose 12 semester credit hours12
Elementary Statistics II
Statistical Methods III
Probability and Statistics
Computational Statistics
Nonparametric Statistics
Fundamentals of SAS Programming
Total SCHs18