Master of Science in Mathematics Teaching

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

This is a 36 semester credit hour degree in which the student has the choice of one of the two options below:

  • Taking 15 hours of required math courses and 18 hours of additional math courses along with MATH 5973.  An oral examination upon completion of the professional paper is required.
  • Taking 15 hours of required math courses and 21 hours of additional math courses. Two comprehensive exams will be required of the student.

To accommodate current mathematics teachers, classes will be offered in the evenings during the fall and spring semester. Substitutions may be made with permission from a mathematics adviser. Candidates may obtain this degree by attending only in the summers.

MATH 5203Problem Solving in the Math Classroom3
MATH 5303Algebra in the Mathematics Classroom3
MATH 5313Geometry in the Mathematics Classroom3
MATH 5323Euclidean Geometry3
MATH 5333Technology in the Math Classroom3
Choose seven courses from:21
Advanced Calculus
History of Mathematics
Theory of Probability and Statistics I
Theory of Probability and Statistics II
Matrix Algebra
Introduction to Number Theory
Symbolic Logic
Statistical Methods I
Statistical Methods II
Differential Equations
Real Analysis and Topology
Professional Paper
Total SCHs36

Special Requirements

Only courses in which a student achieved a grade of B or higher may be counted toward the degree.

Cooperative Education

In order for coursework in Cooperative Education to be counted as degree credit, department approval must be received during the semester in which the course is taken. This approval is in addition to approval to enroll in Cooperative Education coursework. Cooperative Education coursework, as with any coursework, must also be approved by the student’s advisory committee in order to be included on the degree plan. Only three semester credit hours of Cooperative Education may be counted toward the Master’s degree.