Doctor of Philosophy in Kinesiology

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

96 semester credit hours, including semester credit hours from master’s level work, and 6 semester credit hours for dissertation.

Required Courses
KINS 5033Applied Statistical Principles3
KINS 6043Statistical Inference3
KINS 6113Seminar3
KINS 6143Research Design in Kinesiology3
KINS 6983Dissertation (I)3
KINS 6993Dissertation (II)3
Emphasis Area21-30
Select 21-30 semester credit hours from the following (depending on emphasis area):
Leadership Theory and Practice in Sport and the Health Sciences
The Sport Industry
Governance, Policy Development, and Ethics in Sport
Sport for Development
Financing the Sport Enterprise
Legal Issues in Sport
Sport Media and Marketing
Sport Venue and Event Management
Physiological Responses During Alternative Modes of Exercise
Mechanical Analysis of Human Motion
Advanced Exercise Physiology
Graded Exercise Testing
Hormonal Responses during Exercise
Environmental Exercise Physiology
Growth and Perceptual Motor Development for Individuals with Low Incidence Disabilities
Cardiovascular Response to Exercise
Exercise Evaluation and Prescription
Applied Techniques in Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology
Sport in American Society
Pedagogy I: Behavior Management in APE Environments
Pedagogy III: APA and the APENS Theory to Practice
Assessment in Adapted Physical Education
Pedagogy II: Instructional Strategies in APE Environments
APA II: Disability Sport and Fitness
APA I: Disability Sport and Fitness Populations
Research Seminar in Sport Management
Research Seminar in Sport Promotion and Sponsorship
Research Seminar in Electronic Sport Information
Advanced Biomechanics
Biomechanical Analysis I: Motion Analysis
Biomechanical Analysis II : Data Acquisition and Instrumentation
Advanced Research in Kinesiology
Practicum: Appraisal in Adapted Physical Education (Practicum: Appraisal in Adapted Physical Education)
Related Studies or Minor Area15-24
Nine semester credit hours must be taken outside the Department of Kinesiology
Research Tools12
Student in consultation with advisory committee will determine appropriate course work.

Required Courses

18 semester credit hours


21-36 semester credit hours, depending on area of study.

Minor/Related Area

Optional, number of semester credit hours variable.

Special Requirements

At least nine semester credit hours of course work must be taken outside the department.

Research Tools

The student in consultation with the advisory committee will determine 12 semester credit hours of research tools.

Qualifying Examination

The exam is comprised of four written sections over selected areas of the student’s emphases and an oral section. May be repeated once.

Final Examination

Oral examination conducted by the Dissertation Committee over the candidate’s research after the dissertation is completed. May be repeated at the discretion of the committee.