Master of Science in Nursing (Health Systems Management)

Nursing Health Systems Management Program of Study (42 semester credit hours for major)

Required Courses (24 semester credit hours)
NURS 5013Theoretical Foundations of Nursing Practice3
NURS 5024Research and Quality Improvement in Nursing4
NURS 5003Health Policy and Health Promotion3
NURS 5544Organizational Assessment Practicum4
NURS 5543Outcomes Assessment Practicum3
NURS 5553Fiscal Assessment Practicum3
NURS 5554Health Systems Management Challenges and Opportunities4
Practicum Supporting Courses or Approved Electives (6 semester credit hours)6
Select one of the following emphasis areas (12 semester credit hours)12
Emphasis: Health Care Administration
Performance Measurement and Quality in Health Care Administration
Organizational Behavior in Health Care Administration
Economics of Health Care
Management Accounting for Health Care Organizations
Emphasis: Business
Organizational Behavior in Business Administration
Human Resource Administration
Managerial Accounting
Management Operations
Total SCHs42

Special Requirements for all Master’s Degrees

  1. A grade of B or higher must be achieved in all required courses. A student who has earned a grade of less than B (C, D, F or WF) in two required courses at the graduate level or who has earned a grade of less than B (C, D, F or WF) twice in the same graduate level required course will be removed from the nursing program. For the purpose of removal from the nursing program, a grade of less than B is counted as a grade of less than B even if the course has been successfully repeated.
  2. Students admitted to the master’s program provisionally, based on low GPA, must complete the first 12 semester credit hours of graduate courses with grades of B or better in each course; at least 9 semester credit hours must be in nursing courses. A provisionally admitted student will be dismissed from the program if a grade of C or lower is made in any course during the probationary period.
  3. For the MS graduate who is unsuccessful on a certification examination and is accepted for the re-education process, if the student earns a grade of C or below (D, F, or WF) in one of the required re-education courses, he/she will not be allowed to continue in the re-education process.

Time Limit

Semester credit hours older than six years, including transfer courses, cannot apply toward the master’s degree. If a student in one of the APRN certificate options is practicing as an advanced practice nurse and is currently credentialed by the Texas Board of Nursing as an advanced practice registered nurse, the advanced pathophysiology, pharmacotherapeutics, and advanced assessment courses must have been completed no more than 15 years earlier.

Final Examination

Oral examination of the completed professional or clinical project (course work optional).