Bachelor of Arts in History (4-8 Social Studies Certification)

Teacher Certification

In addition to the general undergraduate admissions requirements, to obtain acceptance into the undergraduate Educator Preparation Program (and prior to taking EDUC 3003EDUC 3482EDUC 4113EDUC 4243, and Clinical Student Teaching) students must have:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.75 (includes all courses, whether posted to TWU transcript or used on a degree plan. Excludes developmental and repeated courses);
  • Completed EDUC 2003 with a C or better;
  • Demonstrated basic skills in reading, written communication, and mathematics by meeting the requirements of the Texas Success Initiative;
  • Met the following Testing Requirements:
    • Have achieved the following test scores (none of which may be more than 5 years old):
      • Praxis Core: Math 150, Reading 156, Writing 162; or
      • ACT Scores (TWU Code 4224): Verbal 19 (Verbal is the average of the English, Reading, and Science sections); Math, 19, Composite 23; or
    • SAT Scores (TWU Code 6826): 
      • Prior to March 5, 2016: Verbal 500, Math 500, Composite 1070
      • After March 5, 2016: Math 530, EBRW 480; or
    • TExES Pre-admission Content Test (PACT; option available 1/1/2020).
  • Completed the Digital Literacy Pre-assessment;
  • Successfully completed a pre-admission departmental interview with an interview panel;
  • A minimum of 12 to 15 semester credit hours in the subject-specific content area for the certification sought;
  • Completed department application for admission to the Educator Preparation Program;
  • Completed a Commitment Contract acknowledging awareness and understanding of the Dispositions Policy and Educators’ Code of Ethics;
  • Submitted a non-refundable Texas Education Agency Fee; and
  • Acknowledged and accepted admission to the Educator Preparation Program.

Please note: 

  • All accepted students must maintain the admission requirements to remain in the TWU Education Preparation Program.
  • Admission requirements are determined by Texas Education Agency policies and are subject to change without notice.
  • Students seeking Bilingual certification must meet minimum proficiency in Spanish.
  • Students seeking Deaf/Hard of Hearing certification must meet minimum proficiency in sign.

Contact the Office of Educator Preparation Services (OEPS) at or (940) 898-2829 with any questions.

Total Semester Credit Hours (sch): 131   
Major: 30 sch      Required Minor: 29 sch

HISTORY.BA      CIP Code: 54.0101.00

Degree Requirements

Texas Core Curriculum

ENG 1013Composition I3
ENG 1023Composition II3
Life & Physical Sciences6
Language, Philosophy, & Culture3
Creative Arts3
HIST 1013History of the United States, 1492-18653
HIST 1023History of the United States, 1865 to the Present3
GOV 2013U.S. National Government3
GOV 2023Texas Government3
Social & Behavioral Sciences3
CAO: Women's Studies3
CAO: First Year Seminar, Wellness or Mathematics3
Total SCHs42

Courses Required for Major

HIST 2013Survey of World Civilization to 1715 (GP)3
or HIST 2023 Survey of World Civilization Since 1715
HIST 2713History of Texas3
HIST 4233Global Issues and Trends3
HIST 4843Senior Seminar3
SOCI 3273World Regional Geography3
Advanced HIST sch; 6 sch must be non-US15
Total SCHs30

Education Minor

EDUC 2003Schools and Society3
EDUC 3003Learning Theory and Development3
EDUC 3482Teaching Diverse Learners Through Technology Integration2
EDUC 4113Design and Implementation of Instruction and Assessment3
EDSP 4203Learners with Exceptionalities3
EDUC 4243Classroom Environment and Management3
READ 3013Literacy and Learning across the Curriculum3
EDUC 4946Clinical Student Teaching6
READ 3423Literacy Foundations: 4-83
Total SCHs29

Other Requirements

Foreign Language12
English Literature (2000 level or higher) 3
Life & Physical Sciences6
ECO 1023Principles of Macroeconomics3
Total SCHs30

(GP) Satisfies global perspectives graduation requirement. 

*Course of study is suggested only. It is recommended to see an advisor for a personalized Plan of Study

First Year
ENG 1013Composition I ENGL 13013
HIST 1013History of the United States, 1492-1865 HIST 13013
UNIV 1231Learning Frameworks: The First Year Experience EDUC 1100, EDUC 1200, EDUC 13001
Mathematics Core3
Wellness/Mathematics CAO Core2
Foreign Language3
Social/Behavioral Science Core3
 SCHs 18
ENG 1023Composition II ENGL 13023
HIST 1023History of the United States, 1865 to the Present HIST 13023
Language, Philosophy, Culture Core3
Creative Arts Core3
Foreign Language3
 SCHs 18
Second Year
GOV 2013U.S. National Government GOVT 23053
Life/Physical Science Core3
HIST 2013 or 2023 (GP)Survey of World Civilization to 1715 ( HIST 2321) or ( HIST 2322)3
Foreign Language3
Multicultural Women's Studies CAO Core3
 SCHs 18
GOV 2023Texas Government GOVT 23063
EDUC 2003Schools and Society EDUC 13013
Life/Physical Science Core3
English Literature3
Foreign Language3
ECO 1023Principles of Macroeconomics ECON 23013
 SCHs 18
Third Year
HIST 4233Global Issues and Trends 3
HIST 2713History of Texas HIST 23013
HIST Elective (advanced)3
Additional Science3
 SCHs 12
HIST 4843Senior Seminar 3
HIST Elective (advanced)3
SOCI 3273World Regional Geography 3
EDUC 3482Teaching Diverse Learners Through Technology Integration 2
EDUC 3003Learning Theory and Development 3
READ 3013Literacy and Learning across the Curriculum 3
Additional Science3
READ 3423Literacy Foundations: 4-8 3
 SCHs 23
Fourth Year
HIST elective (advanced)3
HIST elective (advanced)3
HIST elective (advanced)3
EDUC 4113Design and Implementation of Instruction and Assessment 3
EDUC 4243Classroom Environment and Management 3
EDSP 4203Learners with Exceptionalities 3
 SCHs 18
EDUC 4946Clinical Student Teaching 6
 SCHs 6
 Total SCHs:  131

(GP) courses satisfy global perspectives graduation requirement.