Global Perspectives Graduation Requirement

Living in an interconnected global society requires an appreciation of the complexity and interdependency of world events and issues. Undergraduate education at TWU aims to broaden students’ perspectives, expand the boundaries of their conversations, and provide them opportunities to recognize and understand other worldviews. To meet this goal, all undergraduates who enroll at TWU must complete three (3) semester credit hours of approved global perspectives coursework. 

Courses Approved to Satisfy Global Perspectives Requirement

ART 3053Global Perspectives in Art3
BUS 3183Introduction to International Business3
COMS 2313Global Perspectives in Deafness3
DH 4533Oral Health Worldview3
DNCE 2143Dance and Globalization3
EDUC 2303Diverse and Special Populations3
ENG 2043World Literature to 16003
ENG 2053World Literature, 1600 to the Present3
ENG 2073Mythology3
ENG 3033Introduction to the Study of World Literature3
ENG 4433Topics in World Literature3
FIN 3223International Finance and Trade3
FT 3043Global Production and Trade3
FT 4083Global Perspectives of Dress and Adornment3
HDFS 2003Diversity in Contemporary Families: A Global Perspective3
HDFS 3523The Care and Education of Children: A Global Perspective3
HIST 2013Survey of World Civilization to 17153
HIST 2023Survey of World Civilization Since 17153
HIST 4233Global Issues and Trends3
HS 2813Introduction to Global Health3
MATH 2053Women and Minorities in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science3
MGT 4293International Human Resource Management3
MKT 3193Community Conversation in Sustainability3
MKT 4353International Marketing3
MU 2913Music and Cultures3
MU 3713Music and World Cultures3
NFS 3063Ecology of Foods and Nutrition3
NFS 3173Culture and Food3
NURS 4012
NURS 4111
Community Health Nursing in Population Health
and Community Health Nursing in Population Health Clinical
NURS 4142Nursing Competencies in Population Wellness2
NURS 4153The Nursing Role in Population Wellness3
NURS 4614Community Health Competencies4
PHIL 3193Women and Western Religions3
POLS 3013Community Conversation in Sustainability3
POLS 3613The Politics of Food in America3
POLS 4533International Relations3
PSY 3743Global Blackness and Psychology3
PSY 4183Global Perspectives in Psychology3
SCI 2113Earth Science: Global Perspectives3
SCI 3013Community Conversation in Sustainability3
SCI 3033Water in a Changing Environment3
SCI 3133Climate Change: A Human Perspective3
SOCI 1013Introductory Sociology3
SOCI 3083Population Dynamics3
SOCI 3273World Regional Geography3
SOCI 3303Cultural Anthropology3
SOCI 3483Developing Societies3
SPAN 4203Latin American Women Writers and Filmmakers3
THEA 2513Creating Shakespeare3
WS 2013Gender and Social Change: An Introduction to Multicultural-Women's Studies3
WS 2053Women and Minorities in Engineering, Mathematics, and Science3
WS 3193Women and Western Religions3