Catalog Effective Date

The provisions of this online catalog apply to students entering at the beginning of or after the first semester of the 2024-2025 academic year. Generally, a student can expect to follow guidelines in the catalog for up to six years. However, the catalog is subject to change, as indicated below.

Change of Catalog Information

Offerings in this catalog (including individual courses, major and minor subjects, groups of courses leading to degrees, and other degree requirements) are subject to such changes as appropriations or enrollment may warrant or the University determines appropriate, from time to time and without prior notice, and to other deviations as may be authorized or required by law.

When changes are made, either in academic programs, policies, or other matters, the changes may first appear in the University’s online policy manual, Schedule of Classes, or the academic component/departmental web pages accompanied by the effective date designating when the change becomes effective. When the next online catalog is published, these changes are added.