Student Life

Student Rights and Responsibilities

Texas Woman’s University is a community of scholars in which the ideals of freedom of inquiry, freedom of thought, freedom of expression, and freedom of the individual are sustained. TWU is committed to preserving the exercise of any right guaranteed to individuals by the Constitution. However, the exercise and preservation of these freedoms and rights require respect for the rights of all people in the community to enjoy them to the same extent. In a community of learning, willful disruption of the educational process, destruction of property, and interference with the orderly process of the university or with the rights of other members of the university cannot be tolerated.

Students enrolling in Texas Woman’s University and registered student organizations assume an obligation to conduct themselves in a manner compatible with the University’s function as an educational community. The act of registering for classes or registering as a TWU student organization is considered an explicit acceptance of TWU’s regulations as outlined in the most recent issue of the Student Handbook, the Undergraduate Catalog, the Graduate Catalog, and other official University publications. To fulfill its functions of imparting and gaining knowledge, TWU retains the authority to maintain order within the university and to exclude those who are disruptive of the educational process or who represent a threat to the community.

Students and student organizations enjoy the following rights and responsibilities: 

  • The right to an environment in the residence halls, academic buildings, and other areas on campus that supports the possibility for study and serious inquiry

  • The right to inquire about and recommend improvements in policies, regulations, and procedures affecting the welfare of students through appropriate channels such as student government, administrative offices, and various committees

  • The responsibility for being fully acquainted with published regulations and for complying with these regulations in the interest of an orderly and productive community

  • The responsibility for respecting the rights and property of other persons in the University community

  • The responsibility for knowing that each student’s conduct reflects not only upon the student but also upon the university and the members of the community

  • The responsibility to help maintain a safe environment by reporting suspicious, inappropriate, or dangerous behavior to University employees

For further information on student conduct policies, please refer to the current Student Handbook.