Dance Minors

The dance minor for the baccalaureate degree is intended to provide students majoring in other academic fields with a sub-concentration in the area of dance studies. The minor in dance requires 18 semester credit hours of study in dance; six of which must be advanced. Dance majors may not select dance as a minor.

Required Courses
DNCE 1191Improvisation1
DNCE 2183Introduction to Movement Analysis and Description3
DNCE 1101Beginning Dance Performance1
or DNCE 2101 Intermediate Dance Performance
or DNCE 3101 Advanced Dance Performance
Technique Courses7
7 credit hours of dance technique selected from the following: Modern, Ballet, Tap, Urban & Global Dance Practices, or Summer Dance Workshops.
No more than 2 introductory courses may be used to satisfy the technique requirement. At least 4 of 7 technique credits must be completed at TWU.
Electives: Select 6 SCH from the following:6
Dance Physical Conditioning/Body Work
Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement
Dance and Globalization
Dance Composition
Gendered Images in Dance and Performance
Understanding the Arts: Dance
Urban and Global Dance Practices
Choreographic Designs
World of the Imagination in Art, Dance, and Film
History of Dance
Summer Dance Intensive
Concert Choreography
Children's Dance
Total SCHs18