Dance Minor

The dance minor for the baccalaureate degree is intended to provide students majoring in other academic fields with a sub-concentration in the area of dance studies with an emphasis on cultural and artistic dance practices. The minor in dance requires 18 semester credit hours (SCH) of study in dance; six of which must be advanced (3000-4000 level). Dance majors may not select dance as a minor.

Required Courses
DNCE 1171Bartenieff Fundamentals of Movement1
DNCE 1191Improvisation1
DNCE 2143Dance and Globalization3
or DNCE 2393 Understanding the Arts: Dance
Technique Courses7
7 SCH of dance technique selected from the following: Modern, Ballet, Tap, Urban & Global Dance Practices, or Summer Dance Workshops.
No more than two introductory courses may be used to satisfy the technique requirement including DNCE 1071 and DNCE 1091.
Electives: Select 6 SCH from the following 3000-4000 level classes6
World of the Imagination in Art, Dance, and Film
History of Dance
Summer Dance Intensive
Contemporary Trends and Issues in Choreography and Performance
Additional Dance courses may be approved by the minor advisor.
Total SCHs18