Visual Arts Minors


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  1. Fill out the TWU Minor Declaration Form for Undergraduate Studies (pdf).
  2. Schedule an appointment with the undergraduate advisor to submit the completed form in person.
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Visual Arts - Suggested course groupings


18 semester credit hours of art, including six hours of advanced work (3000 or 4000 level), are required for the bachelor's degree minor.

The Department of Visual Arts also requires that at least half of the hours for a minor be taken at TWU, which means that no more than nine hours can be transferred in. All upper-level classes must be taken at TWU. Below are suggested course groupings. Other groupings are allowed as long as they are all ART courses, at least two are upper level (3000 or 4000), and they fulfill the other rules. The suggested groupings are set up to ensure you have the correct prerequisites to take the upper-level courses. Seek help from your advisor when considering substitutions.


ART 1603Introduction to Photography3
ART 2223Digital Art Foundations3
ART 2653Black and White Photography3
ART 3663The Constructed Digital Image3
ART 3693Alternative Photographic Processes3
ART 4693Looking at the Landscape3
or ART 4653 Color Photography
Total SCHs18

Painting and Drawing

ART 12032D Foundations3
ART 1303Drawing Foundations3
ART 1503Introduction to Painting3
ART 3703Intermediate Painting3
ART 3783Alternative Drawing3
ART 4703Advanced Painting I3
Total SCHs18


ART 12133D Foundations3
ART 2223Digital Art Foundations3
ART 2823Introduction to Ceramics3
ART 3613Ceramics: Surface I3
ART 3793Ceramics: Functional3
ART 3893Ceramics: Sculptural3
Total SCHs18


ART 12133D Foundations3
ART 1303Drawing Foundations3
ART 3173Contemporary Issues in Art3
ART 3673Sculpture: Installation Art3
ART 3683Sculpture: Process and Possibilities3
ART 4013Sculpture and the Environment3
Total SCHs18

Graphic Design

ART 2223Digital Art Foundations3
ART 3243Fundamentals of Type and Image3
ART 3293Visual Identity and Symbols3
Choose three (3) of the following9
Publication Design
Web and App Design
Advertising Design
Total SCHs18

Art History

Any combination of art history courses is acceptable, including travel abroad courses.

3D Intermedia

ART 12133D Foundations3
ART 2223Digital Art Foundations3
ART 2753Introduction to Sculpture3
ART 2823Introduction to Ceramics3
Choose two (2) of the following6
Prototyping for Art and Design
Experiments in Functional Design
Interactive Digital Art
Sculpture: Installation Art
Sculpture: Process and Possibilities
Ceramics: Functional
Ceramics: Sculptural
Total SCHs18

Scientific Illustration

Scientific Illustration is an interdisciplinary program focusing on the creation of images to depict and clarify scientific concepts. The Scientific Illustration minor combines study in biology with instruction in the visual arts to teach students how to merge their artistic talent with knowledge of natural science to develop strong visual communication skills.


23-24 semester hours total, including 8 hours of biology, 12 hours of art, and 3-4 hours of electives.

Select One of the following Biology course groups8
Principles of Biology I
and Principles of Biology I Laboratory
Principles of Biology II
and Principles of Biology II Laboratory
Human Anatomy and Physiology I
and Human Anatomy and Physiology I Laboratory
Human Anatomy and Physiology II
and Human Anatomy and Physiology II Laboratory
Visual Arts courses
ART 1303Drawing Foundations3
ART 2223Digital Art Foundations3
ART 2303Figure Drawing3
ART 3913Scientific Illustration3
Elective - Choose one of the following3-4
Fundamentals of Type and Image
Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology
and Neuroanatomy and Neurophysiology Laboratory
Medical Physiology
and Medical Physiology Laboratory
Total SCHs23-24