Bachelor of Arts in English (Social Justice)


The Social Justice track is a unique program intended to prepare students for work in the field of social justice and/or non-profit organizations. This track prepares students to enter the workforce directly or move on to graduate programs. 

Unlike our other tracks, this track takes a cultural studies approach to the English major. With career prospects in mind, as well as the demand for social-justice-informed coursework and programs by our students, we created this track to offer more in-depth discovery and exploration of contemporary social and cultural issues while also equipping students with in-demand skills like grant writing and professional writing that are essential to the communication and fundraising goals of non-profit and social justice organizations. In addition to required coursework in English, the Social Justice track also includes two MWGS courses and the option to take the MWGS Capstone for students who choose MWGS as their minor. 

Students on this track may choose from the following minors:

  • Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies

  • Spanish

  • Sociology

  • Global Studies

  • Criminal Justice

  • Race and Ethnic Studies

  • Psychology

  • Health Studies

Students who earn their degree in English with a Social Justice track may pursue such careers as community engagement associates, grant writers, editors, communication associates, and growth project managers for social justice and nonprofit organizations spanning a variety of causes. 


Marketable Skills

Defined by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board's 60x30 Strategic Plan as, "Those skills valued by employers that can be applied in a variety of work settings, including interpersonal, cognitive, and applied skills areas. These skills can be either primary or complementary to a major and are acquired by students through education, including curricular, co-curricular, and extracurricular activities."

  1. Communicate effectively to diverse audiences using a range of media and technology.

  2. Organize, synthesize, and evaluate the credibility of information, such as but not limited to, a range of academic and non-academic sources, and use this knowledge to make ethical decisions.

  3. ​Use effective research strategies to inform argument-driven projects.


All applicants must meet the general undergraduate admission requirements.

Degree Requirements

Total Semester Credit Hours (SCH): 120   

Major: 42 SCH    Minor required: 18 SCH

Program Code: ENGLISH.BA.SOCIJUST;   CIP Code: 23.0101.00

Courses Required for Major

English Core
ENG 3113Introduction to English Studies3
ENG 3033Introduction to the Study of World Literature3
ENG 3203Advanced Grammar and Composition3
ENG 3363Introduction to Linguistics3
ENG 4953Internship3
ENG 4983Senior Capstone in English (Students who minor in MWGS may substitute WS 4793 for ENG Capstone.)3
Choose six hours from genres/surveys6
Film and Literature
Genre Studies
British Literature to 1760
British Literature from 1760 to Present
American Literature: Colonial through Romantic
American Literature: Realism to the Present
Social Justice Track Requirements
Diverse Perspectives (Literature) 6
Students may sub ENG 4353, ENG 4433, ENG 447 depending on topic and with approval of the advisor.
Literature by Women
Multicultural Literature
Diverse Perspectives (MWGS)6
U.S. Women of Colors
Feminist Theory (Requires WS 2013 as a prerequisite. We encourage students to take WS 2013 as part of their core curriculum. )
Upper-Division Writing Courses6
Professional Writing
Grant Writing
Total SCHs42

Department Requirements

Languages Other Than English (LOTE): at least four courses. Options: 12 SCH in one LOTE, 6 SCH/6 SCH in two LOTEs (including ASL), or 9 SCH in one spoken LOTE/3 SCH in ASL.12
Minor must be chosen from the following fields: Multicultural Women's and Gender Studies, Criminal Justice, Sociology, Global Studies, Race & Ethnic Studies, Spanish, Psychology, or Health Studies. (note: if Spanish or MWGS is chosen as a minor, additional credits may be required to reach the 120 total SCH requirement)18
SPCH 1013Oral Communication3
English Exit Portfolio. All students pursuing a B.A. in English will submit an exit portfolio and portfolio self-assessment during their last semester of course work. This is a degree requirement that students must complete in order to graduate.
Total SCHs36

Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA average in the major, earn a C or higher in ENG 3203, and have no more than one D within the major counting towards graduation. 

The major who does not work toward certification will complete at least 18 SCH in a minor field. Six of the 18 SCH must be advanced. At least three SCH must be completed at TWU.

All students must complete three semester credit hours in approved Global Perspectives courses, either in the core or major courses (graduation requirement).

Recommended Pan of Study

First Year
ENG 1013Composition I ENGL 13013
HIST 1013History of the United States, 1492-1865 HIST 13013
SPCH 1013Oral Communication SPCH 13113
UNIV 1231Learning Frameworks: The First Year Experience EDUC 1100, EDUC 1200, EDUC 13001
Life/Physical Science Core3
Creative Arts Core3
 SCHs 16
ENG 1023Composition II ENGL 13023
HIST 1023History of the United States, 1865 to the Present HIST 13023
WS 2013Gender and Social Change: An Introduction to Multicultural-Women's Studies 3
Language, Philosophy, and Culture Core3
Life/Physical Science Core3
 SCHs 15
Second Year
ENG 3113Introduction to English Studies 3
ENG 3203Advanced Grammar and Composition 3
POLS 2013U.S. National Government GOVT 23053
Languages Other than English (LOTE) I3
Mathematics Core3
Wellness CAO Core2
 SCHs 17
ENG 3153Multicultural Literature 3
ENG 3363Introduction to Linguistics 3
Genre or Survey Course I3
Social and Behavioral Sciences Core3
 SCHs 15
Third Year
ENG 3033Introduction to the Study of World Literature 3
ENG 3073Literature by Women 3
Genre or Survey Course II 3
 SCHs 15
ENG 3433Professional Writing 3
POLS 2023Texas Government GOVT 23063
WS 3023U.S. Women of Colors 3
 SCHs 15
ENG 4953Internship 3
 SCHs 3
Fourth Year
ENG 4983Senior Capstone in English (May substitute WS 4793 if minoring in MWGS.) 3
WS 4493Feminist Theory 3
 SCHs 12
ENG 4373Grant Writing 3
Elective (any course, any level)3
 SCHs 12
 Total SCHs:  120