Division of Environmental Sciences

Director, School of the Sciences: Juliet Spencer, Ph.D.
Phone: 940-898-2351
E-mail: biology@twu.edu

Division Head, Environmental Science: Diana Elrod, Ph.D.
Phone: 940-898-2351
E-mail: delrod@twu.edu

The Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science is an interdisciplinary major offered through the School of the Sciences. The B.S. in Environmental Science provides broad training in multiple scientific disciplines, as well as technology and communication, to prepare students for a range of careers in the environmental sciences.  The program also engages with community stakeholders through strong external partnerships that enrich students’ educational experiences and provide new pathways to employment in STEM fields following graduation.


All applicants must meet the general undergraduate admission requirements.


Contact hours identified in the course descriptions are based on a 15-week term.  Students who enroll in Summer or mini-terms are expected to meet the same total number of contact hours as a 15-week term.

ENVS 1213. Introduction to Environmental Science. (TCCN ENVR 1301) Transdisciplinary study of Earth's environmental systems and processes, and human interactions with them. Exploration of complex real-world environmental issues through the lens of biophysical and social sciences. Satisfies Life and Physical Sciences Core (30). Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

ENVS 4903. Special Topics. Advanced studies in environmental science. May be repeated for additional credit when topic varies. Three lecture hours a week. Credit: Three hours.

ENVS 4933. Capstone in Environmental Science. Culminating interdisciplinary/interprofessional project. Application of knowledge and skills gained in the environmental science program to solve a real-world problem in partnership with community stakeholders. Prerequisite: Completion of all but the last 24 semester credit hours in the B.S. in Environmental Science program and permission of instructor. Three seminar hours a week. Credit: Three hours.