Mathematics Field of Study Curriculum

Apply to all baccalaureate programs in CIP code: 27.0101 Mathematics, General.

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
MATH 2014Calculus I MATH 24134
*Calculus II (MATH 2414) 4
*Calculus III (MATH 2415)4
*Linear Algebra (MATH 2318)3
*Differential Equations (MATH 2320)3
PHYS 2153
PHYS 2151
General Physics I
and General Physics Laboratory I
PHYS 2325
& PHYS 2125
Choose one of the following3
Programming Fundamentals I COSC 1436 
Programming Fundamentals II COSC 1437 
 SCHs 25
 Total SCHs:  25

*Indirect equivalencies will satisfy Mathematics departmental requirements.