Psychology Field of Study Curriculum

Effective December 4, 2023: The below Field of Study has been updated to reflect the coursework as approved by THECB.

Applies to all baccalaureate programs in CIP code 42.0101 Psychology, General.

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
PSY 1013Introduction to General Psychology PSYC 23013
PSY 1603Developmental Psychology PSYC 23143
PSY 2303Applied Statistics PSYC 23173
PSY 2023Social Psychology PSYC 23193
 SCHs 12
 Total SCHs:  12

Directed Electives

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
PSY 2133Physiological Psychology PSYC 23303
PSY 2513Abnormal Psychology PSYC 23203
PSY 2633Adolescent Psychology PSYC 23073
 SCHs 9
 Total SCHs:  9