Social Work Field of Study Curriculum

Applies to baccalaureate programs in CIP codes: 

  • 44.0701 Social Work, General
First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
ENG 1013Composition I ENGL 13013
ENG 1023Composition II ENGL 13023
SOWK 1403Introduction to Social Welfare Policies and Services SOCW 23613
*Social Welfare as a Social Institution (SOCW 2362)3
*Academic Cooperative (SOCW 2389)3
*Social Problems (SOCI 1306)3
 SCHs 18
 Total SCHs:  18

Directed Electives

First Year
Semester 1TCCNSCHs
PSY 1013Introduction to General Psychology PSYC 23013
SOCI 1013Introductory Sociology SOCI 13013
 SCHs 6
 Total SCHs:  6

*Indirect equivalencies will satisfy Social Work departmental requirement(s).