Pre-professional Programs

Students may prepare for further study in professions by following recommended curricula for Pre-Medicine, Pre-Physician Assistant, Pre-Dentistry, Pre-Law, and Pre-Engineering.  Students considering health professions programs are encouraged to contact the Pre-health Committee at for additional resources and to start an application file.

TWU offers several options for Pre-Medicine study.  Pre-medical students interested in the natural sciences may major in Biology (Pre-Med track) or Biochemistry (Pre-Health Track).  Alternately, almost any major can be combined with a minor in Pre-Medicine, but majors in History, Sociology, and General Studies are particularly well-suited for combination with this minor.

Pre-Medicine students may participate in the Joint Admission Medical Program (JAMP), a State of Texas program that provides scholarships beginning in the sophomore year for students who complete a minimum of 27 semester credit hours by the end of the first year of college with a 3.25 GPA or higher (no more than 3 SCH of AP credit can be counted towards the 27 SCH requirement). Participation in this state-wide program provides students with support, scholarships, and guidance toward admission to participating Texas medical schools if all requirements are met. See the JAMP website for details.

TWU also offers several options for Pre-Physician Assistant studies.  Pre-Physician Assistant students may prepare for later study by following the Biology (Pre-Physician Assistant Track).  Alternately, almost any major can be combined with the pre-PA minor.

Pre-Dentistry students may prepare for later study by following the recommended pre-health curricula shown in the Biology or Chemistry and Biochemistry sections of this catalog or by enrolling in the minor in Pre-Medicine.

Pre-Law students may prepare for legal studies by following the curricula described in the History and Political Science section of this catalog.

Pre-Engineering students may participate in the dual degree program in mathematics and engineering offered through the Division of Mathematics in association with the University of North Texas. For details, contact the Division of Mathematics.