Master of Fine Arts in Art (concentration in Studio Art)

Total Semester Credit Hours Required

60 semester credit hours.

Prerequisite Coursework

Typically, an applicant for the M.F.A. in Art has completed an undergraduate major in art and/or design including the minimum coursework stated below. However, if this coursework has not been completed, the departmental graduate committee and primary advisor may determine exemptions and deficiencies and design a program of study.All course work deficiencies must be completed before the student begins graduate coursework. 

  • Design (6 semester credit hours)
  • Drawing (6 semester credit hours)
  • Painting (3 semester credit hours)
  • 3Dimensional Art (3 semester credit hours)
  • Art History (12 semester credit hours)
  • Major area of concentration (12 to 24 semester credit hours)

Program of Study

Studio Art15
Choose 5 of the following (Only one of the courses may be taken twice)
Painting Theory and Development
Typographic Bookmaking
Graphic Design
Creative Photography
Alternative Photographic Process
Advanced Ceramics
Special Topics (if approved by advisor)
Required Courses
ART 5003Critique Seminar (taken five times)15
ART 5503History of Art (taken twice)6
ART 5063Theories of Art3
ART 5693Academic Practices3
ART 5673Portfolio Photography3
ART 5943Art-Based Research Writing3
ART 5963M.F.A. Thesis Exhibition3
Total SCHs60


  1. First Year Review (end of second semester)
  2. Second Year Review (end of fourth semester)

Final Examination

  1. An oral examination of M.F.A. exhibition (Oral may be repeated twice.)
  2. M.F.A. in Art Program of Study (60 semester credit hours)