Committees on Dissertations, Theses, and Professional Papers

These policies shall apply to the research committee of each candidate for a graduate degree requiring a dissertation, thesis, or professional paper.


The purpose of the committee is threefold:

  1. To guide the student during the major study,
  2. To evaluate the student’s total progress and achievement, and
  3. To maintain high standards of scholarship.


A graduate student’s responsibility includes recommending the membership of the committee. Before first registration for thesis, professional paper, or dissertation, the student should identify in writing to the head of the appropriate department, school, or college those persons whom the student wishes to have as chair and members of the committee. The head of the component recommends in writing the appointment of the committee and its chair to the Dean of the Graduate School. If those recommendations are different from the student’s request, a written statement to that effect accompanies the recommendations to the Dean of the Graduate School.