General Information

Founded in 1901 as the state’s only public university dedicated to the education of women, Texas Woman’s University has grown, prospered, and advanced in bold ways. It pioneered distance education; expanded undergraduate and graduate programs; extended its reach by adding campuses in Dallas and Houston and admitting men; and broke new ground in areas ranging from pedagogy and research to the creative arts.

Today, Texas Woman’s has a statewide impact of more than $1.8 billion, 90% of which is attributed to the contributions of its extensive network of alumni.

While committed to inclusion, Texas Woman’s maintains an intentional focus on the contributions that women bring to all facets of human endeavor, from corporate boardrooms and virtual classrooms to intensive care units, senate chambers, research laboratories, performance halls, and community outreach centers. Through the contributions of alumni, faculty and staff, the university aspires to address the needs of a changing world and a highly diverse student body.

Texas Woman’s will continue its historic purpose of advancing the quality of the human experience, honoring diverse people and perspectives, and pioneering discovery in areas vital to the wellbeing of Texans.